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How essential oils help?

the Spiritual beginning based on harmony with the Nature since ancient times made an essence human I . And the wise person always sought to apply the knowledge for the benefit to himself and people around. Collecting of herbs, korenyev and fruits for food developed into sorcery, and then and into an aromatherapy.

You noticed how it is easily breathed when you walk in the wood, far from noisy dusty city streets? As it is pleasant to inhale a smell of herbs, trees, pitches The mankind as the child, grows every day and in the development comprehends new sides of the generous Nature. Its aromas, curative properties of plants are capable to make improbable impact on an organism. And prevention and maintenance of beauty of a human body by means of radio substances carries the name of an aromatherapy. These powerful volatiles - the invaluable gift of the nature improving and a body, also I smother.

Surprising influence of aromas was noticed and successfully still ancient Egyptians applied. Oils were used during religious ceremonies, for care of skin and as perfumery preparations. Greeks continued researches in the field of an aromatherapy, opened new methods of use of oils in the medical purposes, actual and in modern practice. Romans based the knowledge on achievements of Greeks. An innovation was the fact that Romans brought aromatic plants and ingredients from Arabia and East India. The circle of opportunities in treatment of various diseases extended, and new motives for researches of properties of plants appeared.

In the 19th century the role of an aromatherapy began to fall, especially considerably, in connection with origin and rapid development of synthetic pharmacy. However interest in an aromatherapy increased again soon. The numerous complications caused by synthetic preparations were one of the reasons.

In 1904 in France in laboratory of the chemist Rene Mauris Gattenfos there was an explosion. To the chemist burned with fire hands, he put them in bank with lavender oil and was shocked by effect: pain quickly passed, burns healed, even without having left scars. Quite so he got acquainted with salutary property of essential oils which during World War I began to be used widely at surgeries. Then there was a term an aromatoterapiya - use of aromatic oils for treatment.

Essential oils as it became clear, accelerate process of cell regeneration that promotes the fastest healing of wounds, inflammations treat. Their action especially well at treatment of burns, cuts, bruises. Essential oils muffle pain at rheumatism and arthritis. Vegetable aromatic substances positively influence on warmly - vascular system. With their help it is possible to influence well the course of coronary heart disease, violations of a warm rhythm. They stimulate nervous system, switch off a nervous tension, remove stressful states. Reduce irritability, emotional excitability, normalize a dream, eliminate persuasive states, increase working capacity. Vegetable aromatic substances normalize a lipidic exchange. It is known that prevention of atherosclerosis increases not only average life expectancy, but also approach of an old age detains. Essential oils are capable to increase antioxidant activity of blood and to interfere with accumulation in an organism of free nedookislenny products, to counteract their unsuccessful influence on an organism.

Aromatoprofilaktika expands adaptation opportunities of the person. Is one of ways of strengthening of health and increase of resistance of an organism to influence of adverse factors of external environment. In adaptive reactions the psychological factor is especially important for the person. Extreme conditions, besides the physical impact on fabrics and systems, can cause negative psychological reaction. At an emotional stress the person has unfairly big shifts in a number of functional systems of an organism. As is, apparently, one of the main reasons for a number of vascular accidents. In such cases it is expedient to use vegetable aromatic substances.

Many of aromatic substances are emitted from an organism with kidneys, bilious channels, bronchial tubes. Therefore such essential oils as anisic, eucalyptus, pine, fir are allocated with lungs and are used as expectorant means. They promote fluidifying and increase in allocation of a phlegm.

Such essential oils as sagy, pine, fir, lavender are used in complex treatment of bronchitis, SARS and other diseases. Such oils as dill, fenkhelevy, anisic increase production of digestive juice and digestion of food. Many of them possess diuretic, zhelchegonny and spazmolitichesky properties.

Essential oils of an eucalyptus, sage, lavender, anise, a pine, fir, mint have strong antimicrobic and antibacterial properties, many viruses kill. They have effect on steady forms of microorganisms and staphylococcus which are not sensitive to antibiotics.

Essential oils use also for increase of working capacity, memory, attention, accuracy of performance of a task. So, essential oil of a lavender with which studying the justified growth of interest also began an aromatherapy the French chemist can be applied to optimization of reflex activity of the central nervous system, increase of speed when performing the same operations that finally leads to reduction of time of performance of tasks. Essential oil of a lavender promotes increase in volume of short-term memory, optimizes a condition of the person in a critical stressful situation, reducing time of reaction to search of the necessary decision.

There are essential oils which influence in the most tremendous way human consciousness. The camomile helps to relax, removes stress. The lemon works as the toning, strengthening means. As for an exotic ilang - an ilang, it awakes sexual feelings.

Synthetic analogs of vegetable essential oils do not influence an organism similarly natural though have absolutely similar aroma. Artificial aromatic substances cause oppression and toxic effect. Synthetic oils have a fine smell, but have no therapeutic properties therefore they cannot be applied in the medical and cosmetic purposes.

It is not less important to know that not all essential oils are suitable for an aromatherapy. For example, a wormwood ordinary, mint marsh, onions, camphor, horse-radish, a gaulteriya, a rue fragrant, bitter almonds, sassafras can be used only by the qualified aromaterapevta.

From a narrow field of activity the aromatoterapiya turned into extremely popular type of treatment. Vegetable aromatic substances can be used it is quite long, in large quantities, that creates certain advantages of an aromatoprofilaktika. Thanks to the increased interest in studying of impact of essential oils on the person the aromatherapy held a firm place in modern medicine. Health to you!