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How not to lose in any war?

People are at war with each other throughout all history known to us, and it is very sad. In traditional, classical understanding, war is a physical destruction by each other people for the sake of a taking belonging to another values.

Anyway, but from this evil nobody can be also never insured. And if everyone can not launch war against others, then any can be attacked from outside.

War, actually, this much broader concept, than murder similar. Any war in essence are actions for the purpose of a taking something.

Thus, love, marketing, information wars do not stop not for a moment. And if the era of a consensus and mercy did not come yet, it is very quite good to be ready to defense to manage to meet any aggressor fully equipped.

Art of warfare was perfected for centuries and practically reached the perfection. And despite emergence of more modern weapon and various supportive applications, the principles used by our far ancestors are true and until now.

I very much count that you will use all the knowledge, force and opportunities only for defense, and always to guard the world and good. And proceeding from it I hope that I do a good deed, telling about it now.

1. Collect all possible information on the opponent.

Most important is to collect the fullest information on the opponent what will only manage to be got. How it will be made, the result of battle depends in most cases. Without it it will be impossible to take further correct steps, and you will be doomed to defeat from 99% by probability.

In army for this purpose exists investigation, and you have two available options: most to become the intelligence agent or, what is much better, to find the people possessing information and ready her to share with you. The former and real colleagues, mistresses, grandmothers in the yards - all this can become a source of the most valuable information. Having included the imagination, you without special work will be able to find those who are capable to help you.

2. Create own army, a so-called militia.

After you already own though some data, it is possible to start preparation. It will be difficult to you to resist to the strong opponent alone and therefore assistants will be necessary for you. First of all, it is, of course, those on whom you can rely at a difficult moment. Friends, relatives, at the worst also the mother-in-law who is so hotly loved by you will descend.

In some cases not bad can be helped you and by those at whom with you similar views on life, the general ideas or the purposes. If there is nobody at all then find enemies of your enemy and cooperate with them. Option, of course, not from the best, but what to do, when there is no choice. At least, it is much better, than to lose clean, having remained poor and prostrate.

3. Try to use the best weapon what will only manage to be got.

You see in what business. The best weapon and the best means can be available to all, and your enemies including. And most often and occurs. But when the opponent on everything 100 feels the overweight, he most likely will not seize these new opportunities. It will look only senseless expenditure of money.

the Majority of us honor logic, and to act absolutely illogically this way, agree? Here you also have a chance to deprive of your opponent of advantage, and perhaps, and to surpass it in force.

4. Make the detailed plan of the forthcoming battle. by

Here also try to make it, without having near at hand reliable information! The plan with accurate structure and sufficient specification will provide you good chances of a victory therefore do not feel sorry for forces and time for its development.

Is one more big plus of which it is impossible to lose sight. During development of the plan good thoughts which will give you the chance to squeeze out an advantage maximum of the available data will constantly come to your mind. And you will be able to find the most effective solutions and to avoid many mistakes capable to ruin you.

5. You strike blow to the weakest place of the enemy.

It is the main tactics of guerrilla war which allowed to resist with success to the opponent`s forces surpassing in tens and hundreds of times! And than more precisely we learn about this weak place, especially we will be able to strike a crushing blow, and besides to make it with the smallest losses.

can safely refer To this point also suddenness of actions when the opponent is not ready to defend or it is ready in the worst way.

6. Ensure reliable backs.

It means first of all existence of spare option if everything will go not according to the plan. Who knows how everything can develop, nobody ever will give 100% of a guarantee to you.

Even by the most thorough training, existence of information and the best plan developed by ingenious strategists can happen unforeseen things.

Anyway, but all of us are not Gods, and people, and people can be mistaken. And if we are not fated to come out winners from fight, then it is better to escape with losses, than to lose every chance of a revenge in the future.]