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1000 days the Internet - Palantin shop. ru: what results? We absolutely forgot

In working vanity about nice date: 1000 days from the date of opening the Internet - shop of the Orenburg scarfs Palantin were executed. ru. Or rather, the shop is more than 3 years old, but we would like to celebrate all festive dates now - before New year. We are proud that during this time sent the Orenburg down products to all corners of our Homeland. From Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. From Severo - Kurilsk to Krasnodar. And our main achievement for these 3 years are letters of gratitude which we received from our buyers. We publish some of these letters today here. Thank you all for warm words!

A palatine

on December 21, 2007

received a palatine from Bakiyeva Today.

I Want to thank you for work - very accurate, quick.

For attention and goodwill.

Convey big thanks to the skilled worker for her work.

the Palatine very beautiful, I would tell unusual.

Is very pleasant gift by a holiday.

I will Surely use services of your shop.

Once again many thanks.

of Good luck and with coming New year!

Peace E. A.


of ________________________________________

the Palatine from Bakiyeva, a scarf 1s1

received on December 19, 2007 your parcel Yesterday. Many thanks for fine products. I am very glad, simply I do not find words. I Wish

to all collective of happy New year, pleasure and progress!

With warm greetings, Valentina Tsekova

Sofia, 19. 12. 2007, 08. 00 h

P. S. Even I cannot present that my palatine and a scarf proputeshestvovat such huge distance, I everything press a palatine to the person, there is a wish to feel a smell of Siberia.


Palatine of 14060 cm, spider line of 160160 cm, gloves, down scarf 1s13n

on December 17, 2007.

Today to us there came your wonderful products. Huge to you thanks! As soon as the New Year`s agiotage subsides, we will make still the order. There is a strong wish a kerchief from one of your skilled workers, let God will send them health!

It is warm, good and good luck in the coming year!

With gratitude for the fine attitude towards buyers,



of ________________________________________

the Spider line from Bakiyeva

the Spider line from Bakiyeva was received on December 11, 2007, thanks a lot!

Tatyana Yurevna


of ________________________________________

Socks female, a spider line and a palatine from Bakiyeva, a down shawl of 120120 cm, a palatine of 16070 cm, a spider line of 100100 cm

on December 10, 2007

Good afternoon! I report

With pleasure that received the order. Everything very much was pleasant. Thank you very much!

Yours faithfully,

Svetlana Borisovna,


of ________________________________________

Orenburg down scarf 1s6

on December 5, 2007.


received your scarf Today. Thanks a lot for a good, beautiful and qualitative product. The scarf is very soft. I am sure, it very much will be pleasant to my mother. Thanks for fast execution of the order. I wish you all benefits.

Yours faithfully, Natalia Culina.

of. Moscow

of ________________________________________

Down scarf 1s12

on November 28, 2007

Hello, Palatine. ru.

Day kind, dear sirs!

I Want to thank you for very fast and high-quality execution of my order, it is pleasant to me to cooperate with you, it was my first order, but, think that not the last. Your production pleases and heats, it is a fine gift to our mother and grandmother, the main thing that the parcel came beforehand to Anniversary.

With gratitude Trufanova Tatyana Nikolaevna.

Snezhinsk (Chelyabinsk Region)


Down scarfs 1s7, 1s13

on November 27, 2007

Hello! Thanks for efficiency of implementation of the order, fine scarfs and for a gift. Health all!


. Top Ufalya (Chelyabinsk Region)


of the Poncho

Received on November 25, 2007 a poncho. Many thanks, a product of excellent quality, special gratitude for a pleasant gift - a scarf. The order is expedited very much. Once again thanks.

N. I.

homeland Moscow

of ________________________________________

the Spider line of 140140 cm

on November 24, 2007 to

Hello, I want to tell that this spider line is a real miracle, the fluffy and gentle, warming and tender, medical heat and graceful work! I do not leave it now, weather allows, all girlfriends having seen this thing, it is excited, THANKS!!!!



of ________________________________________


on November 20, 2007

Dear sirs!

received the Order. It is very happy.

Kazakova Natalya.


of ________________________________________

Down scarf 1s1

on November 18, 2007

Hello! I am excited! Ordered 2 scarfs and very quickly received them. Thanks a lot. Both quality of goods and speed of delivery - everything is simply excellent. Good fellows.


Sergiyev Posad (The Moscow Region) of

of ________________________________________

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