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What is a copywriting?

the Basic purpose of the Internet are providing information, and, first of all, information issued in the form of any text. If the user did not find anything interesting, he will immediately leave the website and, most likely, any more will never return. Therefore it is very important to pay attention to text filling of the website for deduction of visitors.

And texts for the websites, mass media and various periodicals it is possible to be engaged in writing articles independently if the nature allocated you with literary talent. If you are an expert in other area or there is just not enough time, it is possible to ask for the help the professional copywriter.

What is a copywriting? Copywriting is the work connected with writing of texts to order.

There are several types of a copywriting. Let`s shortly get acquainted with each of them.

Rewriting is a retelling by the own words information of a source. News or article prepares on the basis of one or several articles taken from other resources.

Simple rewriting - processing of one article in another. There is one article or news - it is required to make the second in which the same will be told, but in other words of it. At the exit unique content turns out as if. At the same time copyright of a source is not violated.

Difficult rewriting - processing of several sources. The tasks similar to simple rewriting, but on an entrance there is not one, and several sources. Sometimes their quantity reaches several tens. And it is necessary to do one unique article of this set of the facts, opinions, figures.

The Rayting - rewriting with deep study of initial material (it is a lot of sources, the deep analysis of statistical data), or preparation of materials from scratch, t. e author`s materials and original articles.

Creation of the optimized text - optimization of articles and materials under inquiries of search engines.

Exclusive articles - the unique author`s articles based on the deep analysis of the offered subject. Unique articles assume existence in the text of the facts, opinions, information, earlier not published anywhere. Articles are written on the basis of own experience, on the basis of the deep analysis of a subject and polls of experts, on materials a press - releases etc. Creation of unique article demands from the copywriter of profound knowledge of a subject, existence of a source of unique information (for example, experts), serious analytical skills (for formation of conclusions), experience as the journalist.

A press - releases - information messages, comprising data on the organization or the individual. The main task which is set by the owner of the website for the copywriter, - to write a press - release which will draw attention of journalists to its project and will force them to write about the website to mass media. For this purpose the author a press - release needs to find highlight in the website which will pull on a good information occasion. To create a press - release, from the author the knowledge of features of work of journalists, knowledge of subject of the project, ability to find and describe advantages and interesting features of the website will be required.

Descriptions for catalogs - information for registration of the websites in catalogs and search engines. As a rule, start of any website is followed by its registration in catalogs. This process is automated, but descriptions should be done manually.

And, at last, editing the offered texts - the simplest type of a copywriting.

Now you know what is a copywriting, and can start writing of the texts.]