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English: why, as well as where to teach it?

What forces people to pass through torments of comprehension of English? In most cases this desire to promote on a career ladder, to find new more interesting or more highly paid work, to increase the weight as the expert in labor market. The motive, the second for the importance, why usually seek to know language is a desire to communicate: with foreigners in the city (including, besides, on work), on the Internet, on the foreign trips connected both with business activity and with rest and travel.

If you know English, there are more chances that you will be sent to a business trip abroad, will invite to negotiations or will entrust important correspondence. Now for top managers the knowledge of English is rather a norm. Very much a great demand on workers of IT - the sphere, secretaries and middle managers with knowledge of English. However, demand for the experts knowing language still exceeds the offer of percent on 20 (on carried out the express - an assessment of vacancies of the websites on job search).

The world is flooded with various grants, courses, materials on studying of English and councils for ways of its assimilation. It is possible to study free of charge, finding lessons and materials in the Internet, it is possible to buy textbooks and dictionaries to study them independently or with friends, it is possible to find many audiocourses, in some of them will even check your pronunciation. It is possible to find inexpensive courses or the tutor near the house. It is possible to employ the private teacher (the Russian or even the native speaker) or in general to go to learn language abroad. Ways to train itself in foreign language - thousands! And such feeling that studies the English almost all not English-speaking world. It is sad that generally this world studies, studies, studies, but not always reaches the necessary level of knowledge.

There is also one more very interesting reason about learning of foreign languages in general. They say that the person knowing several languages lives several lives. You represent?! Several lives for one course of life! How more colourfully, is more diverse, nasyshchenny there is life! Especially, if you learn language not according to dry textbooks of grammar, and begin to feel it all the being - sounding, a melodics, creation of phrases. To feel, but not to build phrases .

Language is a communication. Communication is life. Because, your communication is how good, will depend as far as your life will be pleasant and impressive. If you approach studying of language as a lazy journeyman who thinks only that it needs to seize equipment of craft to have a piece of bread and a payment on housing then both process of training, and further life will be difficult and sad. If you begin to look at language only as on the means helping you to express the inner world and to learn the world of other people - here you expects an adventure.

Look, here the child takes a pencil in hand. He begins to draw that he sees around and tries to transfer those images which crowd at him in the head to paper. So the first picture is born. The adult prompts to it as it is possible to draw different objects, and drawings become more perfect. The icon painter begins to create the first works: it takes drawing with a face of the Saint on which contours holes are punctured and transfers to a surface of future icon - taps the small knot from rare fabric filled with coal dust to transfer the image. Then leads round contours and paints details. The equipment is unfamiliar to them, they do not have what is called " school; - laws of prospect, composition, other knowledge are unknown them. But images these more live, than at others professionals .

The same and with language. If you begin to learn language from studying skeleton and internal structure - grammars - you risk to lose interest and self-confidence. And then studying of language (read - other people, cultures, civilizations) will be the sad occupation which lasted for years. Begin with acquaintance to language alive - begin to speak on it at once. You will tell, it is impossible? But quite so you learned the native language. So each child learns language. Regardless of the country in which was born.

The special method of studying of language, since communication in English is developed for adults. It is possible to master and acquire language in such a way at schools and the centers of Applied Education where an English course English as a Second Language it is corrected so that it was possible to begin to speak, without plunging into a grammatical jungle. You do not believe what so happens?! Come to a free introduction lesson and be convinced!]