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Whether it is possible to weld jam from the queen?

Scrupulous researchers established that the first plums in Europe were put in a garden of the French king Francis I.

The king of France from 1515 to 1547. The son of count of Angulemsky Karl and Louise Savoyskaya, he was born on September 12, 1494. Since the childhood Francis constantly was under the influence of women: at first the mother Louise Savoyskaya, the empty and thoughtless woman who is constantly occupied with the love affairs, and then the elder sister, famous Margarita Navarrskaya. It grew at the spoiled child. Mother indulged it in everything and constrained nothing. Francis got used to live cheerfully and carefree, was vetren and is prodigal. However the nature did not deprive him and many advantages. He was a dexterous court and brilliant knight. Courtesy and bravery seemed its inherited qualities.

the Beginning of its reign was nice and promising.

At Louis XII France lost all the gains in Italy. Having become the king, Francis declared that the duchy Milan will personally go to win at the head of army, and in August, 1515 acted in a campaign.

But before he married in 1514 fifteen-year-old Clothilda, the daughter of the king of France Louis XII. She was fated to become history under the name of queens Claude. She was not the happiest of the French queens. But the destiny and it prepared a sweet surprise. As any of queens.

From the exotic plum stones brought by pilgrims sprouted trees. And by the time of an exit in a court garden of the queen Klodetta trees faded and is rich fructified. Large soft juicy plums very were to the taste to the queen Claude. She was delighted with an unusual delicacy.

Never before it happened that the beginning of reign some of the French kings was marked by such brilliant victory, and besides over somebody, and over Swisses who had glory of the best soldiers in Europe. In December, 1515 Francis made in Bologna the peace with the father. The emperor Maximilian I and his grandson Karl under the Noyonsky contract in August, 1516 recognized the French king as the sovereign of Milan. Francis I had all reasons to consider himself as the victor.

The king - the knight, having won a loud victory in fight at Marinyano, dreamed only of one - to have a good time.

The Royal Court without beautiful woman all the same that year without spring and spring without roses . This maxim quite explains existence in the palace of similarity of the harem consisting of several pretty maidens whom Francis I called my little she-robbers . Every evening two - three persons were invited in royal rooms where the young page undressed them. Sometimes, and quite often, that the king did each guest during the night repeated the honor, his ability to quickly restore forces was so big.

Any lady could not refuse to it.

At the same time Francis I did not suffer violence over the woman. Pedantic in all that concerned gallant behavior, he forbade rape, believing that the highest pleasure in love is the moment when it is possible to force the woman to forget shame .

On January 11, 1519 unexpectedly Maksimilian Avstriysky died, having left vacant an imperial throne. Francis I right there proposed the candidature against Henry VIII who, however, soon refused this intention, and the new king of Spain Karl.

De Chateaubriand knew about these hopes of the king and when results of elections became known to it - the Spanish king was elected to this throne under a name of Charles V - it was to Francis, full of sympathy and tenderness, and nestled on the to dear, hotly favourite sovereign having felt as to it it is heavy. In two hours after that in one of rooms of the Ambuazsky Francis I lock, without having become the emperor, at least, became the happiest of men...

And what queen? The mild queen Claude understood at once that now she had the real competitor. But she did not show any discontent, did not try to start scandal, remaining same kind and loving. Such behavior very much was pleasant to the king who just did not take out any family scenes turning an adultery into torture.

Grateful Francis I decided that nothing will give to the kind woman bigger pleasure, than the child. And then it was to it in a bedroom and with call of duty executed all necessary that this child at it appeared. In nine months seventeen-year-old Claude brought the princess Madeleine into world.

Soon, however, informed the queen that some court, despite the most strict ban, secretly regale on plums from her royal garden. The angered wife made to Francis grandiose scandal, and that with a royal spontaneity entered for theft of plums from a royal garden neither more nor less... death penalty.

And in seven years the queen died. Quietly left the irrepressible knight - the husband and the kingdom.

The excessive hobby for women strongly affected a physical condition of Francis I why in the fifty two years he looked the real old man.

Francis was so shocked by sincere disorders of the latest events that strongly got sick and on March 31, 1547 died. The French king died, having prematurely grown old and having lost forces from - for excessive hobbies for women, however his death occurred not from love illness . At least, all researches disprove it. And doctor Kabanes precisely established that Francis I carried away in a grave tuberculosis .

But as a result of the royal decree on protection of favourite plums of the queen Claude appeared in French - and remained since the beginning of the XVI century still, having become the idiom, - expression to be hung up for " plums; that is to suffer from - for a trifle.

And a grade of plums, from - for whom the king Francis I was included besides all other heroic annals, also into philological dictionaries, began to be called reine claude what in translation from French means queen Claude .]