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Who is guilty of everything also what to do (how to help the person with everything)?

Who is guilty of everything? You are guilty of everything and only you. Nobody else. Anybody around the world has to you business. Absolutely. Everyone builds the world. And you are responsible for the life too. What occurred now - result of your last work therefore to blame someone, except itself does not make sense.

We will review examples.

discharged You from office on the reason of disintegration of the company.

should have got a job in stabler company.

robbed You.

did not need to go where it is dangerous. One did not need to go. It is not necessary to shine with the riches. It is necessary to be more attentive.

You was brought down by the car, you got into accident. to

In general, to traffic regulations it is written that the vehicle is a source of the increased danger . Therefore you endangered the life, and could it and not do. Could be more attentive. Yes, we risk. All life is a risk. And every time when we cross the road, we endanger the life.

Ya hit you.

you Mean so yourself put that I hit you. The behavior you showed that you can be hit.

Killed. Just like that do not kill with

or look Robbed .

Yes, all of us make mistakes because all of us act. Who does not act - that does not make mistakes. Ideally without mistakes life will not be possible to live.

Not bad it is described also at Mikhail Veller in the book Adventures of the major Zvyagin :

- you speak: that, se But how to fight that the bus leaves from - under a nose? What your line to cash desk always more slowly than others? What in shop there is a sanitary day, and hours at the most inappropriate moment rise?

- Fie. To come to the bus in fifteen minutes. Not to pay attention to the next turns. Once a year to give hours to clean and regulate. In shop before an exit to call. Acquire the simple rule: to do all not during the last instant, and at once as soon as it is possible.

- And the train ticket? - Order

in thirty days with home delivery, - it is free.

- And you will be chosen to the country - and suddenly a rain?

- Listen to a weather forecast. Take an umbrella.

- And it is lost! - Put

in a bag, hang up through a shoulder.

- And the fact that you sprain a leg on the road?

- Run in the mornings, do exercises, warm up joints, ligaments.

- From destiny you will not be insured, - Epishko persisted. - I here know a case: during a thunder-storm of the person in a clean floor killed.

- But do not climb during a thunder-storm in purely field! - became angry Zvyagiya. - And got - so keep on nizinka. Well: you want to live? If is not present - I went.

Now what to do? How to help the person with everything?

Not to teach the person in any way if he does not want it. And it is impossible to help him.

Let`s say the first person sits in front of the TV. He sits and watches him - in exchange receives nothing. It needs nothing. And as you before it do not coil - he will sit also nothing to do.

The second person knows that he needs (to get something an education, to get rid of dependence of alcohol, smoking, to get some experience). Even, if nobody helps it, then he will find the necessary information, the necessary people to whom will pay for time which they on it will spend will buy the necessary books, will sign up for the necessary courses and so on.

When you come to a supermarket you buy what is necessary for you. None of sellers say to you that at you cheese of the house reached a limit, toilet paper one roll remained also a cat hungry. All of you know and buy what is required to you in the future.

And in life. It only at school us is learned by trigonometry, and we do not understand why to us it. Need of knowledge for school age to understand very difficult (often people understand it to years to thirty - crisis of middle age). Therefore push knowledge into us. And then we are grateful for it. After school we already in a life supermarket. We take that it is necessary for us. Did not take from the shelf the driving license the price in two months and 13500 rub - now in public transport we go. Did not buy English in time - on a career ladder advanced the colleague, but not you.

In the book " Fight club; Chuck Palahniuk there are rules of fight club. One of rules says Not to speak about " fight club;. All rigidly follow all rules. It is asked from where then people learn about fight club? People find it.

If the person needs to develop - he looks for ways for development.

To the whole world on us to spit. Each of us independently creates the life. How you live today - result of your yesterday. It so. Regardless of whether you trust in it or not. You are guilty of the failures. Nobody else.

Therefore to help the person, it is necessary to inform him of this thought. It is necessary that he wanted to help himself. Point to it to a way, and there is it let.]