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What has to be a door of shop?

2. Near handles can be done the beautiful sticker delivered by firms now - producers, with inscriptions where it is necessary to pull a door that it opened. Notice, in English it is written correctly: Push and Pull . In Russian it is written with violation of a trance state: From and On . You so did and often noticed that a large number of people which reads it begins to pull a door in other party. It occurs because you are in a trance state and cannot think where to pull it from itself .

3. it is frequent on a door or about a door the advertisement concerning what happens in shop is placed. We have a festive sale or Attention! Dear buyers, our shop works till 23:00 " today; - it is information, of course, it is important, but not now. The person is arranged in such a way that he does not remember that information which is not necessary to it at present. Therefore, most likely, this information will not be apprehended by it. Besides, information on a door is perceived by the Russian person in most cases as information on some trouble. When you approach the house, to an entrance and see the announcement - at first you notice Dear residents, attention! , and then some other text What you will think of rather? What are you congratulated on a holiday? Or that once again tonight will disconnect hot water, light, and tomorrow cold. Most likely, about the second. It also thinks the person, having found the announcement on a door. He thinks: What what else trouble was tried to be made to me? .

Ideal door:

of Any excess inscriptions (all this becomes then, in shop).

Instead of the inscription OPENLY it is necessary to tell the person what he has to make. Write, for example, You COME . Only, if the shop is closed, do not write You LEAVE (ZOD). If the shop is closed write, for example, You COME TOMORROW At 10:00 . do not write

TECHNICAL BREAK of 15 MINUTES . From what time to read out? Here I suited also me now to wait for 15 minutes? Happens such technical breaks lasting 15 minutes there are days, and even two. Therefore, write specifically when it is necessary to come (it belongs also to web - developers when they close the website - write, in how many it will earn, but not TECHNICAL FAULTS WILL be RECTIFIED WITHIN 3 HOURS ) .

Instead of the inscription OT SEBYa and NA SEBYa write PULL or PUSH - as it is accepted in all other countries and in all other languages.

Who did not understand from an epigraph, a door - the person of shop. Whether can for iron, with the peeled-off paint, a rusty door to be the quality goods? Or goods of hi - end? Most likely, it is a door to the dark cellar. Also, it is a door in shop which sells goods for these most 80% of consumers who generate 20% of revenue.

If you and your shop have an opportunity to put the automatic swinging open door, then you do a huge investment in sales volume.

It is a pity that even simple rules sometimes do not soblyudaitsya at large players of the market.

Photos - examples can be watched in the primary source: ru/marketing/dver - magazina/]