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What graduates can count business on - schools?

A few years ago at us became fashionable business - education to which 100 years in the West knocked. At the beginning of the 20th century there were the first business - schools which taught the students only to fundamentals of market economy and rules of opening of own business.

Since then much water has flowed under the bridges, but the sense did not change: still business - schools tell about these or those features of economy on the example of the concrete companies whose names at all very famous. Persons interested to gain the diploma of such school become more and more, especially every year if to consider that behind it it is not necessary to go abroad now: domestic business - education is not worse at all.

However why it enjoys such popularity? It would seem, than it is better, than notorious the second the highest or postgraduate study on the chosen specialty They cheaper, and more well, are also given much easier. However the person who passes business - school and receives degree Masters of business administration (quite so there is also a notorious abbreviation of MVA - Master of Business Administration), can raise automatically a bar of the salary several times.

By the way, this education is also designed initially for people who in the chosen profession cost something therefore it is inaccessible to yesterday`s graduates. Even the simplest programs surely demand from listeners of some working experience and if it is about more serious training programs, then they, most often, are designed only for heads of the own companies and top managers. Therefore in this case it is possible to speak about a salary and it is necessary: the expert even with a small experience already has about it thoughts supported with documents.

If the person receives MVA degree, it is considered that he understands peripetias of world and domestic business much better, than the expert just with the higher education. In business - schools the theory minimum is taught, but the practice maximum is given - therefore, there will be no problems with mistakes in further work because all actions are already tested and perfected. Business - schools guarantee to listeners active contacts with large foreign businessmen that can be reflected in their business only positively.

It is no wonder that people began to aspire there. And some time experts with MVA degrees really were in great demand. However today the situation changed a little: if the graduate business - schools it is necessary to work in Russia, it is harder and harder to find good work to it.

Also it is connected just with that level of a salary which graduates demand. No, nobody argues with the fact that they this wage level also are worthy, - employers are ready to subscribe under it by both hands. Only a problem that not each company is ready to pay those from 7 thousand dollars, a social package, bonuses and the awards on which graduates have the right to count business - schools. Therefore, without wishing to offend them the salaries insufficient for experts of such level, they not just do not hire them - do not even call by telephones which are specified in the summary.

Places in the multinational companies are freed not every day: positions are held there by the same graduates prestigious business - schools which strong hold the chairs. Therefore experts consider that today business - education can be useful to you in two cases. The first: you already received the excellent place, and for entire happiness you lack MVA degree on what to you it is quite transparent the new management hinted. By the way, ready to pay your study! And the second: just you so want Eventually, it is necessary to study always for himself!]