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How to the man to disguise the shortcomings?

the Care of beauty of a body demands a set of temporary, material and internal resources. And nobody would refuse to look the broad-shouldered brought-up handsome. The clothes can help with it: by means of correctly picked up things you can hide with success many shortcomings of a figure, for example, such as

thin hands

Unfortunately, not each man can brag of elastic bicepses and big shoulders. How to camouflage this shortcoming by means of clothes?

- In this case the main task - to distract attention from hands. With it you will be helped by a free sweater with V - figurative cut, interesting t-shirts with inscriptions or undershirts - a polo. In a word, any top focusing attention on lines of a neck and breast, but not on sleeves.

- Forget about the fitting things which will only emphasize lack of relief muscles.

- Give preference to thicker and dense fabrics, and also things with long sleeves.

flabby breast

To regret, but with age laws of gravitation pull " down; our body. And men suffer from it not less, than women. And if your torso you do not call elastic and strong in any way, it is better to hide besides it from looks of people around.

- Pay attention to multilayered things, for example, combine a t-shirt and a thin sweater.

- Fabrics of the things chosen by you have to be dense and rather heavy: superfluous kolykhaniye around a breast to you it is obvious to anything.

a pot-belly

Yes, it appears very unexpectedly and at the wrong time. Still yesterday you were considered harmonous and tightened, and already today it is available many liters of beer drunk in the gloomy evenings. However, it is possible to get rid of this shortcoming most quicker, but so far your trainings in a gym did not eliminate it, it is necessary to resort to the help of clothes.

- Heavy fabrics will surely add excess centimeters to waists, but also too thin can emphasize completeness of a stomach. Therefore, choose things from dense, rigid and qualitative materials.

- Try to choose trousers which waistline is on a waist. You will button a belt under a stomach - only you will emphasize it.

- Special attention - on a jacket, it will help to disguise a stomach best of all. Try both single-breasted, and double-breasted options: both those, and others can change your figure.

- Avoid baggy things, especially volume shirts: they will not hide, and is only underlined completeness.

the small size of a leg

If the woman with a small leg looks gracefully, then the man in tiny boots - at least, comically. And for many the small size of a foot in general can become the real disaster, in this case to pick up footwear very hardly. Unfortunately, decisions cannot be much here.

- Choose footwear of the extended form, but only reasonably: to look like the clown to you it is perfect to anything.

- Is able to afford to sew footwear to order not everyone, but, believe, this option can just change you. And in general unless it is worth spending money for usual things which only spoils you?

... ugly buttocks

of the Man, of course, can rejoice: with this part of a body they have much less problems, than at women. At least, word cellulitis men can not know in general. But nevertheless to male buttocks of the woman pay attention not less, than to eyes or hands. Problems can be two - too little or too much. In the first case your optimum choice - jeans from dense fabric on a figure with pockets behind. In the second case choose classical direct trousers which will help you to hide friable hips and buttocks.

a long torso, short legs

For many men length and a shape of legs are not a problem at all, but nevertheless proportions conceived define beauty of a body.

- You should not make a widespread mistake, choosing trousers with the overestimated waist: it you will not correct a problem. It is much better simple to focus attention on top, having chosen an interesting jacket or a bright sweater. And the waistline just should not be underestimated: to all the place.

- Choose top and a bottom of contrast shades, thereby you you will break a figure and the disproportion will be not so noticeable.

long legs and short torso

But same at all not a problem - you will tell. Actually any imbalance of proportions will hardly make you more beautiful. To compensate and disguise - here your main tasks.

- Trousers with the underestimated waist - in this case their turn came.

- Create balance by means of a suit, having carefully verified jacket length.

- Jeans with tops can also make legs visually shorter.

- The monochromaticism of your image will turn you into just tall person, without focusing attention on body proportions.

- Vertical thin lines on a shirt or a jacket will visually extend a torso - namely it to you and it is necessary.]