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How it is necessary to read (and to understand) grocery labels?

If you want to grow thin or just to adhere to a healthy diet, the habit to read structure of products and the table of food structure has to become one of your main. Your day diet has to contain all range of substances necessary for an organism. Labels on products will help you to choose products with optimum useful structure. Pay attention that not always this structure is given at the rate on 100 g, sometimes from calculation and for 1 portion which is equal usually American ounce or about 33 g

So, usually the table of structure of a product contains the following items:

Proteins (Protein)

of the Squirrel are necessary for organism cages for growth, restoration and maintenance of the activity. Proteins are subdivided into animal (full-fledged) and vegetable (defective). They contain in many products, such as meat, fish, a bird, eggs, etc., and also in vegetable food.

The power value of proteins - 4 kcal/g. The daily consumption of proteins recommended for the healthy person - 70 - 100 g (from them not less than a half - animal protein).

Carbohydrates (Hydrocarbonates). From which sugar (Sugar)...

Carbohydrates - one of the main sources of energy for an organism. In food carbohydrates are presented mainly in the form of sugars and starch. Content of sugar is written in subgroup of carbohydrates. Remember that 4 g of sugar are already one teaspoon. Sobering thought.

The power value of carbohydrates - 4,1 kcal/g

Fats (Fat). From which saturated (Saturated)

the food contains two types of fat - saturated and nonsaturated. Saturated fat contains mainly in fats of an animal origin. It, for example (article is placed on BceTYT. ru), cow oil, sour cream, fat and coconut oil, though the last and phytogenesis. Overconsumption of such fats increases level so-called bad cholesterol, leading to obesity and it is warm - to vascular diseases. Avoid the terms hydrogenized or partially hydrogenated oil (hydrogenation products). These are the most unhealthy fats. Especially in a large number they contain in the majority of types of cookies, cakes and candies which are on sale in packing.

Buy the refined oil only for cooking. Be not bought on the advertizing Without " cholesterol; Entirely vegetable etc. Vegetable oil already cannot be an animal, and it in principle does not may contain cholesterol because cholesterol is an animal fat. But at refinement from such oil all most valuable substances - such, for example are removed (article is placed on BceTYT. ru), as vitamin E (natural antioxidant) and very useful fats the Omega - 3. For salads and sauces use not refined oils.

Try not to buy products with the content of fats more than 10 g on 100 g (if only you do not buy oil), otherwise you risk to go beyond day norm.

The power value of fats - 9,3 kcal/g. Daily dietary consumption of fats has to make no more than 30 - 50 g

Food fibers (Fiber), soluble (Soluble) or insoluble (Insoluble)

Food fibers are divided on insoluble (cellulose) and soluble (fruit - oligo - saccharites). The more celluloses, the better. 3 - 10 grams for the portion - it is already good. Cellulose is not split in intestines of the person. But she creates feeling of satiety, interfering with an overeating. Besides, improves motor activity of intestines, promotes removal of cholesterol from an organism. A lot of cellulose contains in vegetables and fruit, grain, whole-grain bread.

Day norm of cellulose - 20 - 30 g.

Sodium (Sodium)

The is less, the better. Consumption of a large amount of salt (sodium) leads not only to increase of arterial pressure and increase in load of kidneys, but also to a resistant set of weight.

Consumption of salt averages about 3,300 mg a day though the level recommended by doctors - no more than 2,400 mg daily. Upon purchase of ready-made products try to buy products with the content of salt no more than 300 mg for the portion. And it is not necessary to buy at all those products, the content of salt in which makes about 1000 mg for the portion. A lot of salt will not be sustained by any diet.

Their quantity it is the best of all to compare vitamins and minerals

according to contents pharmaceutical vitaminno - a mineral complex. There usually all figures of necessary day norms contain.

Now the table of structure of the international sample contains on labels of the majority of products. But what to do if there is no such table? Attentively read the list of ingredients. Ingredients are located in process of decrease of their contents in a product, that is if fat or sugar are located by one of the first in the list, then, most likely, the product contains too much fat or sugar. The maintenance of the product listed to the second makes less than 50%, and can reach and only 1%.

You remember also that the product is more useful, the it contains ingredients with scientific names difficult to pronounce and an index of food additives E less.]