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What are winter trips to tropical countries dangerous by?

The are closer time of snowfalls and severe frosts, the there is a strong wish to run away from all these winter delights to warm regions. And only stubborn physicians repeat that winter rest in tropical countries can bring not only pleasure and bright impressions, but also considerable harm to health.

Than winter rest in the southern resorts is good?

In the winter in the majority of tropical countries the velvet season begins. Whether it be Egypt or Thailand. The climate becomes the most comfortable at this time. And to the inhabitants of the North who are constantly lacking for a sunlight, departure to warm regions is simply necessary.

Change of a situation - also the best way to cope with seasonal melancholy. Probably, the breakdown, apathy, drowsiness, fast fatigue - harbingers of winter are familiar to all. And travel to one of tropical countries in the winter - the most successful way out. It as from hot in baths in ice cold water of an ice-hole and back, only invigorates stronger and longer.

Thanks to it contrast to rest the people having problems with the increased function of a thyroid gland, lungs and those to whom why - or the strong heat and dry air peculiar to climate of the exotic countries during the summer period are contraindicated can be loaded with health. And the fresh air sated with particles of mineral salts strengthens respiratory system, well influences health of elderly people.

Well, and that under sunshine the bad mood and stresses disappear by itself and you should not remind once again. The warm sun, fresh air the tender sea quickly will help you to distract from daily cares, to lighten mood and to restore composure. And various rounds, cruises, excursions and other resort entertainments will bring many positive emotions which sometimes so are not enough for us in usual life.

But there are in such rest also negative sides. Stubborn physicians repeat that such contrasts can bring not only pleasure and bright impressions, but also considerable harm to health.

By what it is dangerous contrast rest?

Planning a trip, we, as a rule, lose sight of important nuances which can nullify all pluses of travel. We forget that our organism is ready for certain climatic conditions which sharp change can do much harm to health. Most painfully the organism reacts to change of climate in the winter - then when we are tired to look at the cloudy winter sky and dirty snowdrifts, and suddenly we appear on gold beaches of Egypt or Morocco. And here we begin to be perplexed why suddenly we fall down from diseases directly in the middle of fantastic rest.

It is necessary to consider that when moving from winter at summer our organism needs enough time to be adjusted in a new way - ours inner clock still go as before! Especially it is actual for the travelers suffering warmly - vascular diseases, violations of activity of nervous system, and also for asthmatics.

On the most solar coast we are threatened by a surplus of ultraviolet rays which can provoke developing of various skin diseases, allergic reactions, and also can be dangerous to hypotensives and hypertensive persons.

Besides, if you your appearance worries, be ready that active others the sun can dry up and expose to the wind skin. Or, on the contrary, she will suffer from excess perspiration. It, in turn, is fraught littered skin time, spots and other doubtful pleasures.

You should not forget about those surprises which sharp transition from ours " can present us also; winter a carbohydrate diet on a plentiful exotic table. The organism should be mobilized quickly for transition to new type of a metabolism, and, besides, others water, unusual structure of products and exotic combinations of dishes can take our gastrointestinal tract unawares.

It is also necessary to consider, as process of the return acclimatization after return from summer at winter can be painful. If to ignore it, the depression, a breakdown, loss of appetite, cold can develop and all pleasure from an otdukh - is up the spout.

In this regard doctors advise, planning winter rest, to consult not only with own desires, but also with health. If it as it should be, then go safely - your organism will acclimatize quickly and without serious consequences.

If the organism is weakened by an illness or something another, then it to adapt to stranger to it it will be difficult for conditions. And it is better to spend in this case winter holidays in more traditional conditions - for example, to be loaded with cheerfulness and health in a ski resort in Bulgaria or Andorra.]