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How it is correct to choose a name to the child?

the Name of the child can influence development of the personality and in some measure to define destiny. Therefore it is necessary to approach the choice of a name for the child very seriously.

name Sounds

Since the early childhood throughout all life any word we do not hear as often as own name. It consists of a set of sounds of various height which bring separate sites of a brain into excitement, making thus impact on the carrier, and also on the people surrounding it.

One names sound firmly, rigidly: Igor, Dmitry, Anatoly, Zhanna, Dina, Ekaterina, Darya etc. Under the influence of a sound irritant at children with such names persistent, stubborn character is built up. They are independent and resolute.

Owners of softly sounding names: Svetlana, Irina, Vera, Natalya, Mikhail, Sergey, Alexey, Ilya, Vasily etc. - usually have quiet, appeasable character.

There are neutral, as if intermediate between firm and soft, names: Artem, Arkady, Andrey, Alexander, Valentin, Vitaly, Roman, Pavel, Olga, Anna, Anastasia, Zoya, Lyudmila, Lyubov etc. As a rule, such people are balanced, judicious, moderately persistent.

The name needs to be chosen so that it was easily said, well uttered as in itself, and together with a middle name.

If the name comes to an end on a consonant, and the middle name begins with it moreover in the name - a middle name many concordants - Alexander Dmitriyevich, Eduard Dmitriyevich - sounding is complicated. Either the name, or a middle name are often distorted, and the person with alarm waits how it will be called this time.

You should not call children by the names of the died relatives who especially tragicly died. It is not necessary to name in honor of grandmothers and grandfathers. The child inherits a certain share of characteristic features, and, as we know, bad is transferred easier.

Do not call children by the names difficult to pronounce or in honor of any significant events and people (Revolution, Aurora, Stalin etc.) not to complicate their life further.

Do not name children of heroes of the fallen in love TV series, the famous writers or outstanding scientists - if the middle name and a surname coincide. It is not necessary to call sons by the name of the father: Nikolay Nikolaevich etc. - owners of such names grow unbalanced, nervous, irritable, whimsical. The girl it is not necessary to call by the name of mother too - it will be difficult for them to find a common language.

Influence of a middle name

the Middle name bears in itself gene information - what is put by the nature and passes from father to son. It corrects the image which developed under the influence of a name without changing it radically, and softening or, on the contrary, aggravating some lines.

Rigid middle names are Nikolaevich, Anatolyevich, Dmitriyevich, Igorevich, Stanislavovich, Adolfovich, Vissarionovich, Vitoldovich, Veniaminovich, Valdemarovich, Vladlenovich, Rostislavovich, Emmanuilovich, Albertovich, Samuilovich, Yulianovich.

Soft - Mikhaylovich, Sergeyevich, Efimovich, Ilyich, Ignatyevich, Vladimirovich, Petrovich, Viktorovich.

Neutral - Pavlovich, Vadimovich, Natanovich, Kirillovich, Makarovich, Mironovich, Yakovlevich, Leontyevich, Vitalyevich, Velentinovich, Artemovich, Tarasovich...

Softly said names - middle names: Mikhail Ivanovich, Andrey Vladimirovich, Sergey Mikhaylovich, Mikhail Sergeyevich etc. - belong to people kind, appeasable, able to find a common language with people around. Aleksandrovich is usually the person impulsive, sharp. Igorevich are more often than others are stubborn, rigid. Nikolayevich quite often behave roughly, is sometimes unpredictable, with them it is difficult to find a common language. This middle name gives to the person the increased emotionality, instability.

Researches allow to draw a conclusion that to owners rigid middle names in life it is necessary more difficultly, than to their namesakes with soft, quiet middle names. Therefore to firm it is better for middle names to give to children soft names, and vice versa. For example, Nikolayevichy, Dmitriyevichy, Anatolyevichy, Rostislavovichy, Stanislavovichy, Veniaminovichey it is necessary to call Sergey, Mikhail, Pyotr, Ilya, Vasily, Evgeny, Victor, Irina, Natalya, Polina, Vera; Sergeevichy, Alekseevichy, Vasilyevichey - Nikolay, Dmitry, Anatoly, Denis, Stanislav, Marina, Lidiya, Evgenia, Aleksandra, Victoria.

To neutral middle names are suited more soft names: Sergey, Mikhail, Victor, Alexey. To them it is possible to give also firm names, but only if children were born in the spring or in the summer.

Seasons and formation of the personality

are born persons talented, strong-willed, purposeful in the Winter, conceiving, but they experience difficulties in family life from - for the unsociability, obstinacy, requirement to argue on trifles and it is obligatory to win. Many have stern temper, are rigid, imperious. Most strongly these qualities are expressed at been born in December, is weaker - in February, January children are more balanced. Winter women most often have male character, are drawn towards exact or natural sciences. Therefore we advise to give to winter children soft melodious names not to aggravate some traits of character put by the nature.

Spring people are open to injury physically and morally. They are indecisive, sensitive, vetrena, are selfish. Many of them are very talented, but are not sure of themselves therefore they cannot be leaders. Have thin sense of humour, have good memory and quickly all grab. March men pay much attention to the appearance, often look in a mirror. From them good diplomats and speakers turn out. Women long do not marry - are afraid of the forthcoming changes. Spring children need to give firmly the sounding names to resist to unstable nervous system and mentality.

Summer children are kind, but are often cowardly and spineless. Easily come under influence, are emotional and impressionable, love risk, are proud, persistent, brave. Love children, make thrifty use of the nature and to an animal, well understand art. Summer children need to give firm names to protect from undesirable adversities.

Autumn people are universal. They are judicious, serious, comprehensively gifted, appreciate the saved-up experience and never repeat mistakes. all do slowly and after careful consideration, good diplomats, possess a precise mind, easy temper. Autumn children can give any names as nothing can affect their natural character.

Why it is necessary

Knowing natural coloring of a name - middle names and date of birth, it is possible to choose correctly a name and to successfully develop qualities which were not enough for your child from the birth, or, on the contrary, to muffle undesirable. It is very useful to consider characteristics of a name at education of the child. If you decided to change a name of the child and chose that which could protect and change it his character to the best, it is necessary to do it till five years. The main thing that the name corresponded to internal state of the person, then will disappear discomfort and full harmony will gradually be established.

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