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How to stimulate the activity to become more successful?

If it is possible to cultivate activity in the child, then why not to cultivate it already in the adult? For example, in. None of us will refuse becoming more successful. And if to make some efforts for that, having applied the simple methods which proved as good results in children`s education? What if to be engaged in self-education of the child in itself?

We will transfer the existing approaches from the area of children`s education to the area of self-education.

How to cope with itself if you notice that every day in free for hours you watch TV, you play on the computer, you read only jokes and newspapers and often you do not know, than to occupy itself? There are also such people who do not have enough time for realizing all the ideas. From where they have such initiative? the People able to set the purposes and to achieve success often receive

initial charge as it is paradoxical, from itself. It is important to pick up necessary incentive correctly. How to make it?

Give yourself an opportunity to make the independent choice. Begin as soon as possible to suggest to make the decision at the choice of clothes and drawing up the menu, without being guided by others. Suggest themselves to choose from several options. Then you both will be satisfied, and get at the same time experience of adoption of the independent decision.

Attentively watch that as well as what you grow in, than you are interested that attracts you in world around. over time your resistant interest supported by encouragement of itself in it develops into hobby. Use any opportunity to support the aspiration to the activity interesting you, sport or other hobbies.

Help to open for yourself the world, its various and surprising opportunities. So far you take a broad view of the world open eyes, give yourself pleasure to be surprised and rejoice to all new and unknown. Opening the world, you easily define the sphere of the bents and abilities.

At the choice of circles, sections, hobby, occupation for yourself be based on the wishes. do not give others interests and the purposes for the purposes and interests. Even if someone very much wants to bring up future musical celebrity or the Olympic champion.

Give yourself an opportunity to try to obtain success. Surely you praise the efforts and recognize the progress. Let you will hear as you with approval speak of yourself another. Also you remember even if you are ill at ease, refrain from criticism in the address in telephone conversation with the friend. Your ears on the top!

Cultivate independence, encouraging themselves to express the views. If you know that you reckon with your opinion both you, and others, it will be the best incentive to independent acts. To the contrary, indifference of people around and your own indifference to your views extinguishes an initiative.

Accustom to make yourself decisions. Trust them and do not force themselves to do as someone wants. At the same time listen to opinions of others how to make the reasonable choice, but trust the common sense. Do not allow to interfere another, as if they wanted to direct you. Of course, if your actions are lawful and are not life-threatening also health. It is worth thinking here of what. Someone another can make successful career and reach material welfare. But it does not mean that you will automatically aspire besides. What we did not have is natural to receive desire. However what just gets can cause in you and the return reaction. Do not allow passivity, encourage vigorous activity. Study examples of others activity in everything: both in work, and in carrying out leisure.

Use right moments and stimulate yourself to financial independence. For example, you want to buy something, beyond the family budget. Clear to yourself a financial situation. Prompt to yourself what opportunities that you could earn on this thing are or pay part of its cost. Learn where to address to find simple work how to process documents for employment etc. Involve yourself in maintaining the family budget.

Look at yourself as if from outside and define what qualities of the enterprising person are already available for you and what should be trained. At the same time it is worth remembering that we should get an education, to build the life and career in new conditions. Means, other qualities can be necessary for achievement of success and absolutely, than it is considered to be usually.

of Good luck to you in so hard work, as self-education - education of the successful person. Patience, patience and once again patience ]