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As by the rules to celebrate 2008 of the Yellow Rat?

A lot of things depend on how to meet New year. And though year of the Yellow (Earth) Rat (Mouse) begins only in February, we got used to meet it and to see off in the night of December 31 for January 1. Therefore we try on New Year`s Eve to please to a symbol of the forthcoming year. And it, of course, not for nothing. It is noticed long ago that what we trust in comes true.

So let`s put on, we will lay a table, we will invite friends, and we will behave so that the Earth rat was satisfied and the whole year helped us with all our undertakings On a legend, the quick animal of the first came running to Buddha`s legs and therefore it had honor to begin 12 - ti a summer cycle, dominating over people.

Except the pronyrlivost, the rat is well-known also for thrift. A mouse - a wealth symbol at many people of the world, she is clever, practical and bright. It is very probable that in a year of the Rat your affairs will go uphill.

For this purpose, of course, it is necessary to make certain efforts, it likes hardworking and practical people. Therefore in the coming New Year it is necessary to gain this rodent in all possible ways. We offer several councils which can promote to an arrangement of the Rat and meet New year fully equipped.

Clothes. The rat does not love excesses therefore New - 2008 suggests to meet in a dress suit or a dress, strict, classical, quiet breed. It is desirable to choose a New Year`s dress of neither bright, nor multi-colored flowers. Dresses and suits monophonic white, gray, yellow, lemon, brown and serebryano - golden shades will approach. Red or yellow finishing of dresses, skirts is actual.

Accessories. Accessories to an evening dress - almost on a minimum: jewelry - the jewelry, natural stones of reddish or yellowish shades which are put in order in gold or silver. The rat is imposed by unusual thin thongs, bracelets and openwork chains so it is better to postpone more massive things for other action.

Also jewelry of paper, metals, a tree will approach a New Year`s suit. Presence at accessories of a symbol of year is desirable (a scarf or a scarf with the image of a rat, a silvery handbag in the form of a mouse, a brooch and so forth)

Perfume. Presence of pleasant perfume aromas and toilet water, both on men, and on women is obligatory. Perhaps, to use various aromas, but it is better if sensitive sense of smell of the Rat guesses refined sweet and east directions, especially fashionable and actual in this season.

Viands. On the New Year`s table it is necessary to include refined and original dishes in entertainments. And not to offend the hostess: to please it, having put nuts, seeds, grain and cheese on a table. It is desirable to prepare as much as possible food, to decorate a table with fruit and various grades of cheese. It is possible to make, for example, salad from walnuts, ham and cheese in equal proportions - both the Rat it is pleasant, and to guests it is tasty.

And it is possible to remember how our grandmothers decorated a fir-tree with the nuts wrapped in a foil. Or to make nut allsorts to fragrant tea with baskets from sunflower seeds. But after a holiday it is worth not to forgetting about one condition: the food which remained after festival cannot be thrown out, it will need to be used somehow since. The rat does not love wastefulness and not economy.

Registration of the room. The situation indoors where you will celebrate New year has to be the person. It is important that straw rugs, hand-made articles from straw, clay and wooden figurines and other jewelry indoors prevailed. Decorate a Christmas tree jewelry of yellow and golden color. Decorate the house with gold garlands and a rain. The ware of 2042 on a table has to be from clay or a tree.

Company. New year needs to be met in the amicable and cheerful company because rats are sociable and vigorous. Than more to people at the holiday table, especially the coming year, and a holiday - brighter and memorable will be successful. And it is unimportant where you will meet him - houses with relatives, at the dacha with friends or in a trip with strangers. The main thing - that was many people. If you decided to meet by

it thetas - and - thetas with darling then you will go outside after peal of bells for a while to join the mass communication called festivities .

Gifts. For a New Year`s gift of 2008 it is necessary to choose gold jewelry, jewelry with stones of red, yellow, orange flowers. Too most with New Year`s toys and jewelry - it is necessary to choose yellow, silvery and red Christmas tree decorations. And of course a symbol of year - the Yellow Rat (Mouse) in various interpretations!]