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How to win against fear of flight by plane? To go by bus?

Long air flight - difficult test for our organism. The plane - not the train to resemble and porazmyatsya, especially it will not turn out. Besides, in inside of the plane not especially useful microclimate is created.

Low pressure on the plane promotes stagnation of blood in veins, and dry air dehydrates an organism, from - for what blood gets denser. It can do, at a certain predisposition, cause problems with venous blood circulation, formation of blood clots and even - in especially hard cases - obstruction of veins. Experts call this state traveller`s syndrome or plane thrombosis .

A what to do if to fly just terribly?

statistically, with alarm get into the plane about 80% of people. The fear of flight, but surmountable by own effort of will, pursues 50% of passengers. And 5% rise aboard simply - in a condition of panic horror. As to overcome psychological fear of flight?

• Need of flight has to be unconditional. It is necessary to fly. It is impossible to give itself alternative. It is necessary to be on the place in two hours, but not in two days by train, it is necessary to return to it - that to term. When you realize need of action, the fear is suppressed, leaves for a threshold of painful sensitivity.

• It is not necessary to give itself time for reflections. Collect suitcases not one week prior to a departure, and one couple of hours prior to departure in the airport.

• Come to the airport shortly before the end of registration not to sit an excess couple of hours, deliberating: whether not to get away from here, and at once to take the place on the plane.

• Try to occupy yourself with something all the time. You do not retire into oneself and you do not sit, idly.

• Try not to think of how there will take place flight. Judge logically: all the same what must be must be. In this situation nothing depends on you. So what to torment itself with excess thoughts?

• You do not carry out with yourself auto-trainings on a subject: my plane will not crash, my plane will softly fly up and will sit down. It is not necessary! You will convince yourself that everything will be good, and the imagination will begin to throw to you at this time, believe, absolutely other pictures. So to you it is not necessary and to begin.

• The more actively, more actively, more built, more resolute and more sharply you will act, the it is easier to suppress doubts, alarms and fear.

• In flight micromotility well calms. Count the beads, knit a scarf, roll a pencil between palms.

• To distract from gloomy thoughts, it is good to be engaged in some calculations, to make the plan of excursions, purchases. Reading in this plan is worse: if you are afraid, the book, will hardly carry away and will distract you, and here the actions which are brought closer to reality, concerning directly your plans - quite.

Remember that if you badly transfer flight by &ndash plane; it is not the only way of movement!

A as can be prepared for a bus tour?

Bus trips - very tiresome. Tourists should sit sometimes for 10 - 16 hours why the road turns into torture. How to facilitate hours-long moving?

• Gathering at way, put on in soft, to an elastichnuyuodezhd without rigid belts, straps. The best option - cotton jersey.

• If you do not sleep, try to do without armrests as often as possible to change a pose and alternately to give load of different muscles of a back.

• You Ask the driver to do at least once at two o`clock a ten-minute stop that it was possible to go out of the bus and to warm up. At the same time it is good prevention of attacks seasickness .

• There are special small pillows to sleep sitting. They are inflatable and filled by a dense filler and are put on a neck as a collar. Then during a dream the head does not fall on a shoulder, and muscles of a neck have an opportunity to have a rest.

Good luck to you, take care!