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How to carry out self-advertisement competently?

Article is based on my supervision over many excentric people.

So. What it for 5 rules?
Determine by

1 accurate things in life which you should not do. Here everything is simple and difficult

at the same time. Everyone knows what it has to do in life. Someone has to stand behind the machine, someone has to wash the dishes, someone has to make money. Nevertheless, we do many things which in principle we should not do. And it in turn prevents to concentrate on what we WANT to do. For example, we should not lend money, should not help the neigbour to walk a dog, should not remain after work because the chief asked. Nevertheless, many so do.

We will tell, you want to build the house. For this purpose you have to get money. Well, so be engaged in it. Same does not mean that you have to go to work. Though for the majority money = work.

It will give besides free time, one more excellent effect. You will not look “smeared“. People will also accurately understand at once, than you are engaged. As a result you will be able to give more time to work in the niche and the border of your activity will be accurately visible.

For example, all know that Lebedev does design and the websites. But if it did still in parallel at the same time rolls and beer, then the image would be washed away at once. Therefore Lebedev knows that his task not to do rolls and beer.

2 Be focused on the solution of problems.

We will tell the journalist untilled field of activity today. It is possible to be focused on separate kinds of activity, it is possible on certain clients, it is possible in some territory. My friend in 7 months of work as the journalist bought Audi TT newcomer. Just he took a niche of acquaintances and writes for people on dating sites texts of questionnaires + is engaged in their further processing.

3 Carefully verify each step.

In the sphere of creation of image - speed is very dangerous. Be not mad. Do not give in to emotions. It is very important to apply strategy of a cat, but not hare.

Hares at first run away from danger, and then think what occurred. They give in to emotions and work unreasonably. Cats always prepare before attacking the victim. They wait in an ambush of the opportunity and promptly catch the victim.

4 “Chuck in“ “Well-wishers“.

As soon as you slightly - slightly rise over others then others receive a lot of dirt in the address from these. To fight against it it is useless. More simply “ to hammer “.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to consider. If the critic on business, then it is not necessary to ignore it.

5 Learn yourself!

Philosophical point. However piece very much and very important. Your readers and your clients always have to feel the certain internal core inherent is exclusive to you.

The feeling of such core will give to readers and clients faith in you. And the belief is very powerful motivator. Therefore before to sell something to others before creating the brand, you have to know and understand accurately the position in this life.

For all Oprah Winfrey can be a world example of it. Such here core in self-knowledge made her the billionaire (among Russians Lenin occurs).]