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How to support an exotic animal in house conditions? Iguana.

became Recently fashionable instead of cats and dogs to get various exotic animals, for example, of iguanas. It is prestigious, beautiful, and in keeping of these interesting animals there are no special problems - they are unpretentious and quiet. It is considered even that they very quickly get used to owners, are devoted, and even bring slippers on command. So why to you dog?

Iguanas treat family of lizards. Their length can be from several cm to 2 m. In total there are about 650 species of these exotic animals, including basilisks. Habitats - mainly in the Western hemisphere, 14 types are included in the Red List.

Representatives of family of iguanas are very beautiful and exotic. Coloring they can be the most various: from zelenovato - brown to brightly - orange, almost fiery.

They are obliged by the unusual appearance, first of all, to a long crest from skin outgrowths - shipik on all backbone - from the head to a tail, and also picturesque to a beard and to resonators. It they very much look like the real dinosaurs, and it is possible to brag of them to friends safely. Especially as the family tree of modern iguanas really goes from the famous far ancestors - the iguanodons belonging to group of the most real dinosaurs - true monsters of tropics.

The main thing - to provide an iguana to the most necessary - suitable food, whenever possible various every day, water in an aquarium from which it is possible both to get drunk, and to swim for a while there, and also lamps of additional heating in a terrarium (rather big) since this animal - the native of tropical countries. Well and one more necessary condition of existence of an iguana is an existence in her house of a tree for a lasagna. It can be some steady picturesque snag, a thick branch, a piece of wood which the animal could and climb, and just sit on it, in the nature of an iguana lead a wood life.

They like to sit for hours, having stood under the hot sun of a terrarium - lamps and, perhaps, remembering the homeland - North or South America where a great number of their relatives live on coast of natural reservoirs, eating fruit, insects and small rodents Here and to your pet the similar diet - fruit, vegetables is necessary for

, it is possible in the form of mixed fruktovo - vegetable salad. Making it can be both bananas, and oranges, and apples, and carrot, and green fresh cucumbers, and red pomidorka, and a kiwi, and pears, and grapes, and also lettuce leaves and cabbage. What only is in your arsenal at present - all this can be crumbled in salad. Such salad appetizingly and picturesquely though paint a picture looks.

1 - 2 times a week are possible and it is necessary to give as well meat, and cottage cheese. It is possible even sometimes if there is opportunity to throw up in a terrarium to iguanka of live newborn little mice or infant rats that at them the hunting instinct, and with it and interest in life did not vanish. Some iguanas prefer only meat, and eat vegetable food reluctantly and vice versa.

For normal activity and good digestion of food the iguana has to have in the house - a terrarium a warm point with the daytime temperature of 31 - 35 C. Other part of the room has to have a day gradient between 24 - 31 C and night between 24 - 28 C. Adult iguanas are more resistant to decreases of temperatures and the minimum night time temperature for them can fall to 22 C, young people demand higher - not below 24 C.

a Certain difference has to be present at a terrarium surely - as well as at the nature where there are solar spots and a shadow. In a terrarium the iguana constantly moves from the warmest site to more cool areas and back, maintaining thus the optimum temperature of an organism.

Time, and even two in day it is necessary to tidy up in a terrarium - to clean a rug or a straw mat, to change water in an aquarium, to wash out clear flowing water a feeding trough - a usual pan, similar cat`s which can be bought in any pet-shop now. The aquarium can also be got in pet-shop, the benefit the range them is big and various now - from very big and average to small, round and square. But, of course, it is necessary that by the sizes the reservoir of your pet was such is that that could plunge into it completely. Bathing - very important component in keeping of these animals.

After bathing of an iguana with even great pleasure climb up the picturesque trees with which you will provide them to get warm much under lamps, having stood and having closed eyes from pleasure.

At the first, more close acquaintance with your new family member, you should not take liberties and furthermore to behave roughly. Iguanas of it hate, and you will only provoke them to aggression which can be fixed in their behavior at once. First with them it is necessary to be very careful and circumspect until you understand character of an animal. As well as among people, and the most various types of temperaments and characters occur among these interesting animals. Happen very much characteristic iguanas, and are - humility.

Characteristic often strive to strike with a tail or make such attacks as if you want to attack. Therefore, cleaning a terrarium or communicating with them, it is necessary to be extremely careful and attentive, watching each their movement since animals can bite or a misfortune simply for want of habit or for fear and out of self-defense.

Especially it concerns to young people, inexperienced and therefore to wildish individuals. It is impossible to shout at them at all and furthermore to beat. It will only aggravate a situation. They will become even more uncontrollable and aggressive. Here only the patience, caress, a quiet, equal and low voice, the smooth slow movements is necessary.

Peaceful iguanas should be encouraged doubly for their good behavior - they can be ironed fearlessly (but only when you poobvykntsya already with them), they at the same time even close eyes. During cleaning of a terrarium they very quietly and peaceful behave therefore they can even be pulled out from a terrarium for this time, it is possible together with a piece of wood on which they sit. They will sit without moving and to watch you until you install them together with a pedestal into place.

A necessary condition of good keeping of an exotic animal is also providing your pet with vitamin complexes.

as mineral and vitamin podkormok can use the following: not bad proved vitamin preparations - the Centrum complexes which can be got in any drugstore. Also the reptiliyny " complex approaches; Reptilife . Choose the fullest complexes with the obligatory content of D3 vitamin. It is good also if it contains a beta the carotene which is not causing gipervitaminoz, and transformed in an organism to necessary amount of vitamin B.

As the mineral complex is more often used Reptical .

Are quite good Osteoform, Stress and other preparations with the high content of calcium.

To put it briefly, keeping of such animals - business very difficult and expensive, and having thought of whether it is necessary for you, surely re-read as much as possible literature, communicate to those who have iguanas, including at specialized forums on the Internet. You can find details and additional recommendations about keeping of iguanas on the website Iguana - Rus.

Good luck!]