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What does Bluetooth threaten with? Part II

Within continuation of the subject What the Bluetooth " threatens with; I devote the next publication to the description of several more dangers waiting us when using the function of the same name of phone.


As can be understood from the name, attack affects phones of Motorola. An essence in the following: attacking connects to the OPP service of the victim (authorization is not required), imitates a parcel business cards also breaks off connection, without having finished it. As a result, in the " list; the entrusted " devices; the victims there is phone attacking that gives the chance to connect to service of a font (Headset) and to carry out AT - teams (Attack of BlueBug).


devices All phones of Motorola.

How to be protected by

to Establish protection of connection.

As on phones of Motorola the maximum duration of finding of Bluetooth in the mode of detection makes only 60 seconds, owners cannot worry. There is practically no chance to meet the hacker at the moment of vulnerability of phone. <(Re - Pairing attack)

This rather serious attack is based by p> BlueDump on the " method; fakes BT - MAC addresses with the purpose to receive privileges of the real owner of MAC. It is the best of all to explain on an example.

Let`s say is 3 ustroysv with Bluetooth - 2 of them are in the confidential relations, the third - the malefactor`s device. If the malefactor knows MAC addresses of prervy two devices, it is enough to it to wait for an exit of one of devices from an area of coverage, to appropriate its MAC and to initiate repeated pairing with the remained device. It becomes possible of - for the fact that one of devices can to forget link key which ciphers data transmission and to request its repeated generation.


devices All bluetooth devices.

How to be protected by

In any way. At the moment this vulnerability is incurable. However, not everything is so bad - without knowledge of the address of the entrusted device the malefactor will not be able to make anything - it is impossible to touch all possible addresses for a small period.


Attack to automobile radio tape recorders with bluetooth which becomes possible of - for uses by the producer standard and, as a rule, unchangeable pin - a code it seems 0000 or 1234.

Connection occurs is absolutely transparent for the owner of the car then phone (the PDA / laptop ) works with the radio tape recorder as with a usual font.


devices there are no data.

How to be protected by

there are no data.

Attack DoS with use of bss (bluetooth stack smasher)

This type of attacks uses the packages which are incorrectly created by L2CAP for switching off / lag / reset of the attacked device. With various parameters the following devices are vulnerable: Nokia N70, SonyEricsson T68i, W800i, K600i and other models.

How to be protected by

it is still impossible to be protected from such attack, in the future most likely change of an insertion will help.


As it is possible to notice, many vulnerabilities are inherent in any devices, however you should not worry about it.

On it 2 reasons are:

First - the radius of action of bluetooth is too small, respectively for attack it is necessary to be in a zone of direct visibility.

Second - all devices allow to include protection of bluetooth or at least to become invisible for the others.

It is warned - means it is armed, and the knowledge of couple of simple rules will allow to avoid many dangers. It is enough not to turn off protection of bluetooth and not to give to suspicious devices of authorization.

And still - be not afraid to exchange files on bluetooth - any existing virus will not be established on your device without the permission.

of good mood and positive all!]