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What does Bluetooth threaten with? Part I

Technology of a near radio communication Bluetooth, having appeared in far 1999, for a past, almost, decade found unprecedented popularity. Phones and a PDA with bluetooth any more not a rarity - technology are equipped now not only top models, but also devices of average price range. School and university students throw each other pictures, melodies and games, more and more people buy wireless fonts, and wires gradually consign to the past

However at all pluses of Bluetooth, it has 3 huge minuses: low range of action, low (in comparison with the same wi - fi) the speed and a huge number small and not really mistakes. And if it is possible to be reconciled or fight against the first two shortcomings, then the quantity of defects forces to be surprised the person, any, even far from high technologies.

There are several different types of attacks to bluetooth - devices, beginning from harmless (BlueSnarf type), finishing full-fledged DoS - attacks, trunk calls without the knowledge of the owner of phone and just stealing of SMS (BlueBug).


This type of attack allows to get access to performance of AT - teams on the cell phone that can lead to reading and sending SMS, full access to the telephone directory, and many other. Possibilities of attack are almost limited to nothing. So for example, at the author, in the educational purposes it is natural, it turned out to download all address book, all SMS from one of phones, to establish on it readdressing of the entering calls and to force to dial phone number of technical support of the operator.

the Complete list of all opportunities of this type of attack will occupy not one kilobyte of the text and is limited only to the imagination and knowledge of attacking.


devices Any cell phone with support of bluetooth.

How to be protected by

Methods of protection are very simple - to owners of the oldest phones with BT (if such still is) is necessary to pereproshit the device (the benefit the corrected insertion is available long ago), the rest needs to include protection of the bluetooth connection and to deny the suspicious requests for connection. BlueSmack

as windows 95. No wonder, in those days this attack was called Ping of Death and intended happy to users of Windows 95. Since then much water has flowed under the bridges, however the principle of attack remained. As a result if to send a long package, for example by means of the utility of l2ping which is a part of a BlueZ package, then the target device can to hang or spontaneously to reboot.

How to be protected by

Users of old devices will be helped besides by change of OS, modern devices to attack are unreceptive. BlueSnarf

, the most popular attack to bluetooth devices.

In this attack for the first time presented to public in 2003 is used the OPP service (OBEX Push Profile) which is used for the simplified exchange business cards and other files, and under normal circumstances works quite steadily. However most often for access to this service d not trenutsya authorization that, by the way too is not a problem. The main problem consists that if the insertion is written not absolutely truly, attacking can download any existing file the GET team, and it can be for example `/telecom/pb. vcf` (the telephone directory of the device is stored in this file).


devices the Majority of SonyEricsson (except smartphones), the early Nokia models, many Siemens. Some PDA.

How to be protected by

to Establish obligatory authorization for OPP and not to accept unknown inquiries.


the Development of idea of bluesnarf allowing to get full (RW) access to file system of the device including memory cards, virtual and RAM disks, etc. Instead of low-functional OPP OBEX FTP is used (with all opportunities of the FTP protocol) to which it is possible to be connected without authorization.


devices Many Siemens, Samsung, SonyEricsson, etc. Nokia are not susceptible to this attack.

How to be protected by

Authorization, not to accept suspicious connections, to update an insertion.

Here exactly a half of those dangers which gives to the owners sotovik equipped with Bluetooth. It will already be a question of other unpleasant surprises in my following publication for now - happiness and pleasure to all!]