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Man and sex: whether there is a communication with a blood type?

Joint researches of psychologists and hematologists claim that the behavior of the person in the relations with representatives of an opposite sex depends on a blood type.

Men with the first blood type behave as males. They got used to receive everything and at once. If the lady does not express readiness to jump immediately to a pervogruppnik in a bed, he begins hunting also will not calm down until will not tire out a game . And here shy yes on the contrary, can strongly damp an ardor. And precisely you should not exclaim I yours forever! - will leave and will not even look back. Speak, thoughts of sex come to mind to such men at least six times a minute.

The second blood type does people patient, quiet, but when they remain confidentially with big love vtorogruppnik are held down by shyness. The man with the second blood type will infinitely drive the darling at cinema, to execute any whims of darling, to palm off on it secretly candies, to slightly concern its knee at movie theater. Young maidens consider gentlemen with second-grade blood dullish, and here to women they are more senior are pleasant.

The man - the tretyegruppnik wins nobody, it just likes to be pleasant, to appoint meetings, to stir easy. He is able to derive pleasure and to hang out . Sex for it a type of pleasant leisure, noncommittal. He transfers refusal easily too: if no, then no, we will chat about weather. Attention, ladies! Nearly 40% of the American millionaires are owners of the third blood type.

Men with the fourth blood type constantly suffer from sincere dissonances, doubts and indecision. They have talent to fascinate before loss of consciousness, without making efforts. But as soon as the chetverogruppnik itself falls in love, it is necessary him not with pleasure. Passions boil, the logic is rejected. A strong feeling for such people are means to get rid of contradictions and to become integral, to find the real nature.

Contrary to ordinary opinions of women, men very different. However sexologists find in them the general, alas, a problem. Every tenth sexual intercourse is followed by sudden loss of an erection. To a third of men is not more senior than forty years, anyway, meet difficulties on a first line . Sexologists consider that in most cases man`s difficulties it is about deterioration of sex life: decrease in frequency, duration and opportunity to operate it. Besides men do not show determination and hesitate with visit of the doctor.]