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Whether piracy is favorable to independent directors?

Talented and independent directors whose movies free of charge extend by means of BitTorrent - trekkers have to be happy as to nobody millions of people begin to watch earlier unknown movies worldwide.

Today, according to top BitTorrent - resources, first place in ratings on a gallop is won by the movies created by small studios. A good example - The Person from Earth (The Man from Earth) and Put Zero (Day Zero). These movies became known to wide audience thanks to free distribution.

The budget of our independent movie did not include money for advertizing. The movie was absolutely unknown until someone laid out our work on a free file exchanger. After it occurred, we began to receive thousands of positive reviews on The Person from Earth . People could see our movie, and it was pleasant to them. Surprisingly, but all this occurred thanking the Internet - to piracy! - the director " writes; The Man from Earth .

By the way, Day Zero still was not released, but thanks to DVD - a skriner who inexplicably got to the Internet, millions of people around the world could see it. A premiere of this drama took place in 2007 on Tribeca Film Festival, but on the wide screen he is fated to get not earlier than January 18 of the next year. Displays will take place at only several movie theaters of the United States. Though the world audience is not fated to see the movie legally at present Day Zero takes the fifth place among distributions on Milinova in the section Drama .

Naturally, there are directors of unknown movies which do not want that their movies freely extended in the Internet during their demonstration at movie theaters. The quote given below is taken from the electronic message which was sent administrations of one of BitTorrent of resources by one of producers of the movie Cashback . Let`s note that the movie was downloaded more than one million times for several months, having collected online audience in tens of times exceeding the number of the people who had chance to watch this movie at movie theater.

You could not remove our movie from the website, say, for six months? It will give us, at least, chance to analyse the true popularity of the movie at the viewer. Naturally, we can make nothing with piracy, it is reality, and it is irreversible And so far we did not find the solution which will suit all, we could count on a small compromise of you?

Certainly, reaction of the producer is quite explainable, but it is heavy to argue with the fact that popularity of the movie in the Internet it is better, than badly. The piracy copy does not come within miles of a visit of movie theater, but discussion of the movie boundless the Internet - by community do to the movie good advertizing - friends tell about the pleasant picture to friends and so on

More and more people begin to estimate adequately the potential which has BitTorrent the protocol. For example, last year the famous director Mark Akhbar (Mark Achbar) with own hand created a torrent of the movie " Canadian documentary; " Corporation; (The Corporation) also laid out it on TorrentFreak. He was one of the first who agreed that creators of movies can receive benefit from BitTorrent even if official distributors do not agree with it.

It is not heavy to understand why more and more independent directors begin to look at piracy on the other hand, the before their movie will appear in the Network, the high probability of the fact that this movie will be wanted to be bought in high quality on DVD or to go to the cinema on it. Everything is really simple - small studios have no marketing budgets of similar subjects which studios of Hollywood have.]