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How to optimize Windows? Sooner or later practically each user of Windows notices

how established once from scratch the system begins to hand over steadily positions, losing the remains of valiant enthusiasm: it is loaded each time more slowly, becomes clumsy and terribly slow, taking more and more place on the hard drive.

The reasons of similar behavior it is possible to give weight - from the various program garbage which is hammered into secluded corners of Windows and devouring many resources of the computer before infection of system with viruses. Naturally, sooner or later the situation reaches the critical point, and nothing remains to the user how to be engaged in cleaning and optimization of system.

Give also we today, having put themselves to the place of the above-mentioned owner of Windows, we will attend to a similar problem and we will try to return to an operating system former playfulness. So, slowly we start the reanimation entrusted to us electronically - the computer.

For a start we will make sure of virgin purity of the started processes in system, having started some anti-virus program with the freshest bases onboard. It is extremely desirable that the appendix was able to detect spyware, adware and other harmful modules.

In settings of an antivirus we establish check of random access memory and one and all files on any available disks. Surely we include function of treatment of the infected data and maintaining a detailed report according to the infected files that later scannings to make the most reliable picture about a condition of our patient, that is the computer. With objects which the antivirus did not overcome we finish manually according to the instructions available on a web - the website of any producer of anti-virus products.

Now, when purity of consciousness Windows does not raise doubts, we will glance in automatic loading - at first in the " menu; Start-up-> Programs-> Automatic loading . In this favourite many appendices for the folder labels of all appendices, often useless in daily activity of the user, but steadily selecting the tidbit of random access memory quite often spend the night. For example, popular products of the Adobe company at installation constantly copy the links to additional modules of the appendices in this folder. Generally, having armed with sober determination, we exclude from automatic loading of obviously excess guests.

But also it still not everyone. The matter is that many programs, state themselves for autostart in the system register of Windows to the address HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOF TWAREMicrosoftWindowsCur rentVersionRun. Therefore, using the editor of the register familiar to us (Start-up-> to Execute...-> regedit. exe), we will bring order and to this branch. Here we try to focus attention in the field " Value; in which the full way to the started program is usually specified. We delete worthless records with pressing of right mouse button and menu item To Remove . It`s cool!

In case of difficulties, any issue is easily resolved by use search the Internet - cars and way punchings in their index base of the unclear executed file which is present at system.

And one more thin moment. As register Windows - rather weak spot of an operating system, before all manipulations is desirable to make out of harm`s way its backup copy, having gathered in the command line regedit. exe/E c:all. reg and having copied all branches in the all file. reg. Further to restore incidentally damaged register will not make special work.

After all shaman dancings with the register and automatic loading it is rebooted. This procedure is necessary, so to say, for fixing the done changes and confirmation of the fact that we did not commit follies when cleaning system. we Follow

further. In line - the analysis and shutdown for nothing the working services Windows.

Then we will pass to establishing order among files on the hard drive. Here, having armed with any advanced file manager (FAR Manager or Total Commander), we will give to rustle, having done in a lot of unclaimed data. For example, it is safely possible to remove the temporary files created by Windows or third-party programs in directories of C:WindowsTemp and Imya_polzovatel C:Documents and Settings in the Local SettingsTemp system. In addition we recommend to glance in the Program Files folder and to study it regarding for a long time remote applications. Again - showing consciousness, we send unnecessary files in " basket;.

Small cunning: to secure itself during removal of programs, it is possible, by not direct removal of files, but their temporary moving to some specially prepared directory. Then, after reset of system and the certificate in lack of critical problems, this folder with easy soul and pure in heart just is removed from a disk.

Well, and the standard utility " will help to save time in this case; Cleaning of the disk being a part of all latests version of an operating system. There is it in the " menu; Start-up-> Programs-> Standard-> Office . The functionality of this program is huge, in particular, in the same Windows XP it is possible not only to remove temporary and unnecessary files, but also to make place taken by magazines of installation, data of the Internet Explorer browser and the Windows components. It is possible even to liquidate everything, except the last, points of system recovery of the Windows XP or to squeeze not used data means of NTFS long ago. As advancement this utility does not raise doubts, we recommend to use it with extra care, whenever possible paying attention to the hints and councils offered the user by the program.

Eh to walk so to walk, we continue! We pass in the control panel and we grope the module of installation / removal of programs there. Here our mission will be simple: to collect the strength and to uninstall from eyes down with the appendices which were in time to become covered with information dust.

Quite often here the company mistake familiar to skilled users of Windows and peculiar all line of a product from Bill Gates meets: it seems, there is no program any more also in mention, and in lists of the module of removal still appear it tails . All this is treated by the utility of Windows Installer Clean Up for Microsoft or cleaning of a branch of the register HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall manually. By the way, not all applications are correctly deleted from the computer. Quite often programs leave behind directories, files of settings and other configuration data. Here too it is necessary to show vigilance and to independently remove all superfluous.

Now when the system register is cleared, the idling services are stopped, ancient programs are sent to pension and in general around an order and a cosiness, the final stage - defragmentations of data on the winchester, the summing-up result to our material came. We start the utility of defragmentation (My computer-> Management-> Defragmentation of a disk) and we press a mouse the necessary key for the purpose of achievement of the required result.

After all above-mentioned actions, it is possible to note safely that the computer is entirely cleared. And it means that we perfectly coped with our task!]