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What threatens the cell phone on a frost?

freeze in the Winter not only ears and noses, but also cell phones of citizens. Whether the frost of operability of the cell phone threatens? The cold, first of all influences the accumulator of the mobile phone. The cell phone can temporarily not work with too cooled accumulator, even in spite of the fact that it is completely loaded. If you got into such situation on the street, and it is necessary to call, then try to warm the cell phone in a warm pocket. There is a chance that after warming the battery partially will be restored and will be possible to make a call.

Nickel - metal - gidridny (NiMH) accumulators are subject to deterioration in performance data at temperatures below-10 degrees of Page. Performance data of lities - ionic (LiIon) and lities - polymeric (Li - Pol) accumulators significantly worsen already at temperatures below 0 degrees S. Boley frost-resistant appear considered outdated nickel - cadmic (Ni - Cd) accumulators which are not used in modern cell phones.

Repeated cooling influences accumulator capacity, reducing it. Almost are not subject to this effect nickel - cadmic batteries, in small degree such effect is observed at batteries on the basis of lithium. More than others lose capacity nickel - metal - gidridny (NiMH) accumulators.

The display

Sensitive to difference of temperatures appears also the display. At color displays the correct color rendition is broken, and monochrome displays, as a rule, lose the speed, their contrast sharply increases - the screen can simply to turn black . At a certain temperature the picture freezes - becomes motionless, but phone at the same time still can call. At warming up to the majority of displays their former functions come back. However at some old phones such types of liquid crystals which did not maintain cooling were used and displays failed. Also the design of the display, in particular, thickness of a liquid crystal layer can have a certain value.

The electronic engineer

Vozdeystvuyet cold and on electronic elements. For example, electrolytic condensers which are in each phone change the capacity, and it can provoke hindrances in various chains. At the same time than the technological culture of the producer and culture of engineering development of phone is lower, especially it is subject to influence of temperature. Designers usually put various admissions on deviations from the set characteristics of electronic components. Such admissions much worse or are absent at badly designed devices made at factories with low production requirements.

At strong cooling of the quartz generator setting frequency, phone can lose the worker wave and just to become not seen for a base station. Whether the cold influences work of flash - memory, up to the end not clearly. It is quite probable that failure of memory is provoked by emergency operation of the battery. When it does not give necessary power for rewriting of part of information. The part of the programs necessary for normal operation of the device can appear as a result erased. Externally it can look so: phone freezes and is switched off, and after warming up it is buggy or it just cannot be included again. Usually such malfunction is eliminated reinsertion in service - the center.


of the Recommendation which to pomogutsokhranit operability of your phone, are very simple: you keep it in an inside pocket. During conversation phone will not manage to freeze: rescues heat of hands and the power allocated by the device in this mode. It is possible to use a head font, leaving phone in a warm pocket during conversation. You should not store phone in special external pockets of bags, man purses or clothes where it can strongly be chilled. Especially it is worth paying attention to protection of phone from fogging which happens during fast transfer of the cooled phone to the warm room. That the formed moisture did not provoke short circuit, just take out for a while the battery. Unfortunately, hold time in the warm room strongly depends on phone design / model. Different producers a little differently determine the working range of temperatures at which normal operation of the mobile phone is guaranteed. Usually range is defined from -10 degrees With to 40 C or even 55 degrees With (depending on model).

Here, perhaps and all information on this occasion - be careful, take care about small cellular friends, that a responsible minute they are not podvela you.

of Pleasure and heat all!]