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Traveling notes about the man in clothing store. The reporting from a hot spot.

every day when goes in the morning to work to the subway or watch the Majority of us at employees, will or bondage begins to pay attention to the one who and in what is dressed. Clear business that we, ladies, in most cases begin to pay close attention and to pick to pieces to a new jacket / short skirt / blouse in - it that girl from public relations - department, or about yourself with silent rolling of eyes in the subway about too short pass - a skirt at such build surprisingly straight lines legs

But now would like to pay me close attention other half of mankind. And is more concrete, considering yourself strong, but in the questions concerning style and fashion, and in particular at the joint visits of shop behaving to strangeness childly when you only bypassed couple mm tens of little shops including for it, darling. Eh, do not appreciate us.

And so, about what I? And that practically went to a jungle where not one philosopher broke a spear and to me. The rhetorical question which sooner or later, but nevertheless visits any man is his own appearance. To follow the fashion also its novelties, tendencies - rather female prerogative (I already here do not take an extreme), which we carry out with big pleasure. To men, of course, it is more difficult. But it is necessary. Togo is demanded by modern society and the modern woman to whom they also imposed the standards about beauty. Now be also answerable.

Practice shows that the average man much more often than the woman, makes mistakes which kill all diligence at all to look stylishly

Here and I decided to descend on investigation. That is, with darling - darling in clothing store. Solved before standard: the road, take this, to you it will go to look what he will choose for himself and what will be going to bear to cash desk Well not to read to nervous men

the Top further - 10 most ridiculous mistakes. In ascending order.

Here, I share with you reconnaissance - information under the name the most inexcusable errors of style in clothes and on life men, defiant not only at me have an obvious malice and snickers.

1) Wrong length of trousers / trousers. The first impression - the native of children`s home. / B] Very widespread mistake. Sometimes it seems that men are simply deprived even a rough estimate of such vital parameters as length, width and height. But looking at the price of our jacket, he understands everything at once and begins to be indignant Their trousers can be dragged on a floor or reach hardly knees.

Council: you Look in a mirror. And still - when you try on trousers, you sit down in them on chairs and " cards;. These provisions will prompt to you correct length.

2) Short waist. Hi, kindergarten! Only there are not enough braces in green peas For some reason many men consider that, the above they will pull the jeans and trousers, the better. There are no words.

3) Neglazhenny things. Accuracy to men is not alien to

. Sometimes forget only about trifles. For example, iron, so to say, not everywhere. Is called, I iron what I see. As result - lovely strips on a back

4) Shabby footwear. Bast shoes, and semifresh. Real scourge of male style. The footwear is capable to nullify all efforts at the choice and formation of other clothes. Special article is deserved by classical shoes, color different from all the rest. Hell and all demons And men consider that just nobody looks at footwear. Eh, it is blissful who believes.

Council: needs to learn to throw out such convenient, such native and raznoshenny footwear, or, at least, not to put on it to decent places.

5) Multiple layers. As the Papuan on the Siberian frost. 20, 30, 40 years and more, not important. Can equally appear as a hanger, t. e t-shirt, then shirt, sweater, vest and jacket. All this still by all means looks out and the friend from - under the friend sticks out. Also looks, by the way, not sexually.

Council: If it is cold - there will be enough jumper and a warm jacket.

6) Combination of incongruous. Classical trousers and gym shoes. A leather jacket - sports pants, shorts - a shirt with a long sleeve or a sweater, a coat or a service jacket - sports shoes. It is already possible to without an extremity And still forgot socks and sandals. To die, not to rise.

of 7) is A lot of different flowers. Which of you here fir-tree? As Coco Chanel spoke if there is no taste, dress all black, and you will look stylishly. It is better to be limited in at most three flowers. And such which among themselves are well combined. Contrast on shades, for example, red, white, gray.

8) Wrong selection of accessories. From the same opera. Most of men do not even think that accessories are obliged to be combined with other clothes. Such is their psychology - accessories are perceived exclusively in itself. Meanwhile, it is fashionable and very important details. It is necessary to remember that belts, ties, hours, cuff links, a portfolio - require the closest attention. There are a lot of rules: only one accessory has to be bright color (or to be allocated against other suit); different drawings on accessories and clothes - it is inadmissible; the same concerns also the rubbed, incorrectly dressed / tied accessories. The most important - at the man of accessories should not be much. Otherwise it becomes similar to the Gipsy baron.

9) Carrying " devices; on a belt. I will give a water-melon, cheap. to Fasten the mobile phone, a handbag and a purse on a belt - it is ugly, it is destiny of employees of the market.

10) Strong smell of cologne. Here that is capable to cause hatred in people around. At first silent, then loudly expressed - I am ferocious. Men so want to smell well that pour out on themselves a half-bottle " at once; threefold . Like, began to smell will longer keep. They are right. It will not disappear. Even after washing.

Results: Darling, or perhaps we will walk on the hall once again? - the crown phrase nevertheless was distributed after half an hour of hardly constrained snickers, round eyes and hokhotok.

P. S. Dressed, put. Counter ladies stare and make eyes . Mission posibl!]