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How to cook cream soup? Variously and quickly.

That at you arises at the phrase " cream soup;? What associations? Liquid mashed potatoes Soup - a gruel Let`s try slightly - to conjure slightly in kitchen! To weld not a love potion, upas the Lord! And to diversify our menu. To bring a note of novelty and beauty.

Yesterday had dinner at expensive restaurant with girlfriends. The hen night to themselves Sunday was arranged. Everyone ordered that wanted. Our beautiful doll who always considers calories and suffers cholesterol availability, ordered to itself green peas cream soup. Brought it gentle air mass brightly - green color. As if a grass young in cold winter time Suggested to try To delight there was no limit! Taste was divine! Of course, we right there ordered to ourselves different cream soups. And I thought that I did not prepare such mollycoddles of the house long ago. Today corrected it disgrace .

At each of these soups almost same technique of preparation. At first you cook what will become then mashed potatoes - peas, spinach, chicken, a liver, mushrooms, fish and so on. Options - hundreds. It is possible to add any grain. I most of all like rice and buckwheat. Broth - that in which grain, a chicken or mushrooms cooked can become a basis of any of these soups And you can add some broth. In total on your taste and according to your desire.

Each of the products chosen by you cooks different time. If chicken house - is better to divide her into pieces and to cook to readiness. Then to pull out meat, to sort it. To separate fillet. It will be as an additive to cream soup. Fillet is small cut and so far we put in a separate pan. All other meat is turned into gruel. By means of what means you will do it - depends on your opportunities and kitchen devices. It is possible just to pound in a mortar. Then it is necessary to wipe through a sieve. I use the blender. Then cream soup also turns out as though shaken up as mousse. It is possible to use the mixer - only nozzles to take strong - for meat. As a last resort - to pass via the meat grinder - only not to achieve the necessary consistence. It if you scroll meat. If mushrooms or vegetables - not bad it turns out.

With a basis clear. Shook up - scrolled - istolkl, added broth. Here it needs to be added extremely carefully - you add and you watch density. It at us mashed potatoes. It is good to weld mushrooms, peas, carrots or chicken with potatoes and to shake up it together with vegetables or meat. Familiar taste of boiled potato will only emphasize advantages of cream soup. It is possible to enter white sauce. To add to almost ready soup. Milk, butter, is a little broth and torments - sauce is ready. We implicate. I seldom add white sauce - I love natural. Mushroom mushroom so. Fish fish so. But the fried thoroughly flour will not allow to settle in sauce to the wiped products. However, at us is also not in time - I do always on once.

About salt and spices - by itself, all to taste. Density - good dense cream. On a consistence - air mass, without lumps. For increase of caloric content it is possible to add a piece of butter or sour cream, cream. In a post, of course, without them.

So, poured the most gentle work of our culinary skill on plates. Let`s decorate now. Let`s add the laid small cut chicken fillet. Or pieces of a boiled cauliflower (if soup from it), green peas and so on. Green peas cream soup is very tasty from fresh, not tinned peas. Cook it with potatoes. And together shake up.

To any of cream soups separately serve small white croutons. Give on a separate saucer. And are still very good with this soup - the mollycoddle pies, samosa.

The last stroke - a greens branch. Take a view. Well done!

Are magnificent soups vegetable - from different vegetables. By the principle - that is in the refrigerator. Make audit to the cold white friend, put everything in a pan and make specialty cream soup. Call it by the name. Transfer the recipe from generation to generation. Are proud of yourself! Let always everything at you turn out - both in kitchen, and in life!]