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What is the course English as a Second Language ?

Studying of any foreign language are a search of new roads in the world of human communication. Business, travel, policy, friendship and even love are carried out and reveal in all completeness thanks to communication communications. In effect, it turns out that the person lives so many lives how many languages he knows.

The modern reality assumes an active position at everyone who seeks to achieve good results, to realize the business and creative potential. The foreign language becomes the tool by means of which we realize this potential.

The knowledge of English stopped being exotic for a long time. It strongly entered our life - practically at all its levels. It is almost impossible to do productive business and full-fledged household life without English. We will not manage to read how to use cosmetic, and we will not be able to fill in the questionnaire at the airport of other country if we do not know English. And even the Internet - this world wide web - is for us open not up to the end. A huge number of the interesting websites, communication on ICQ with English-speaking people (which in the world still the majority) - all this is feasible without English at quite low level.

Modern Russian education, it seems, realized this problem - English is learned often already from the first class and on the first three courses of universities. A large number of courses, the centers offering the services in studying of languages opens. And, nevertheless, the problem is solved not up to the end. A large number of grammar which to us is methodically taught at school and university in practice not only does not help us to start talking, but even becomes a peculiar barrier which we not in forces to overcome, trying to communicate in English.

Time which is released in educational institutions is spent for the subtleties existing between the Gerund and the Verbal noun on feature of the use of Perfect Progressive, on an infinite pereskazyvaniye of boring and useless texts. The purpose of similar training is training as process, knowledge of grammar per se, and not result at all - an opportunity freely r and z about in and r and in and t in the learned language.

Numerous courses offer tempting prospects - native speakers as teachers, audiooffices and the most improbable techniques which often did not pass approbation outside the country. Undoubtedly, the native speaker will clear to you distinctions between Past Perfect and Present Perfect and will strike with melody of the pronunciation, eventually, you will be able to tell with pride to friends and acquaintances: I am trained at the teacher from England. But whether this teacher will give you the most important that is required for free language proficiency - to about l and h e with t in about h and with about in during which you spoke English, let faltering at the beginning and making mistakes, but all - - said.

Courses English as a Second Language (ESL) set as the main goal - to provide to students as the bigger amount of time is possible in order that they talked. It does not mean that our courses are colloquial and we give the certain lowered grammar option here. By no means not. The program calculated on six levels each of which lasts about one and a half months, covers itself all key moments of the English grammar. Communication of students is conducted under control of the teacher which is not similar to teachers from schools and universities at all. All our teachers have special training - language and methodological.

Experience of use of this technique contains more than ten years. At the same time it is especially important that the technique of teaching language corrected according to the technology of training based on L. Ron Hubbard`s works is used worldwide. In this regard, we have an opportunity to use and to constantly exchange experience with our colleagues from America, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, other countries.

One of the key moments of our teaching is confidential cooperation which is based not according to the scheme the teacher - the pupil, and on the principle - more skilled and less skilled partner. To each student we try to carry out an individual approach, considering features of its character, ability to perceive material and, of course, level of preparation from which it to us comes. For each of our teachers the situation when the student feels awkwardly from - for the fact that he did not manage to understand something is inadmissible. We attentively monitor process of training, weekly interrogating students, in view of their wishes and claims. If the student begins to feel switched off from training, it has an opportunity to move to a level above or below, to begin to be engaged with the teacher individually, or to catch up with it several skipped classes. The attention, expectation from the student of real, effective result - is creative credo of all our teachers.

The friendly, easy, easy atmosphere promoting communication helps to solve a problem of many, knowing English, but not able to speak on it. This problem in the people is called - to manage to get to talking. Over you the strict teacher with a pointer is not necessary and the teacher does not wave before your person the record book. We clean the main complex preventing people to start talking - fear to be mistaken and look at the same time the lagging behind pupil. To Speak, speak, speak - here course " keynote; English as a Second Language . Continuous practice in the use of the new studied words and grammatical designs as a result breaks through even the firmest barrier preventing you to start talking.

Of course, any courses are not panacea in studying of language. Your nominal presence on occupations everything is does not exclude certain efforts and at a lesson and at home. We strongly recommend students to perform homeworks as, following this recommendation, they will be able strongly to fix that material which was actively studied at a lesson.

Going to learn language on any courses, you have to have a clear view why you do it. The created purpose - already a half of success, it is necessary only to gain strength that courageously to it to go, and then the world of new opportunities will joyfully swing open before you!]