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What they, the most unusual restaurants of the world?

of GQ were made by the list of restaurants at which the menu not the main thing.

Guo - li - zhuang

Beijing, China

This small restaurant of ethnic cuisine - for those who precisely know what he wants. Others will just be lost here - the menu is made of, I`m sorry, genitals of animals. It is necessary to tell, genitals - quite expensive pleasure. The member, I`m sorry, of the Canadian seal will cost $450.

Kitchen: Chinese

Average account: $60-70


Eilat, Israel

, in 70 meters from the coast of the city of Eilat, are In the sea something, reminding a sea oil derrick. It is underwater restaurant. Gourmets are loaded into the elevator, fall by depth of six meters and plunge, sorry for a commonplace,

into the abyss of gastronomic pleasures.

Kitchen: fish,

seafood Average account: $40


Ryudeskhaym - on - Rhine, Germany finger-print

At an entrance at visitors, dress in a uniform and read the rights. The most important - the right for traditional German cuisine and not bad choice of wines. It is necessary to tell, the Russian tourists are suspicious of such entertainments - their life is already imbued with a penitentiary esthetics.

Kitchen: German

Average account: 25

El Diablo

the Open verandah of restaurant is arranged to

of Lanzarote directly on the earth and to go on it quite difficult - the earth almost burns under legs. For preparation of dishes volcanic heat is used here. Over the holes in crust exuding with a lava braziers on which sea and land reptiles are spread out are established.

Kitchen: European

Average account: 20


of the USA, Chicago

Well you, a knot what spaced out? Free cash desk! - so treat clients in Weiner ´ s Circle. Rudeness - artificially deliberate, is an institution logo. And therefore performed by waiters all these swine freaks to a gadya and other obscenities sound not offensively, and it is ridiculous. Feed here, by the way, so-so.

Kitchen: fast food

Average account: $10


of Tokyo, Japan

Are in this world one thing for the sake of which it is worth living, - marble beef. The most expensive restaurant on light - Mecca of gourmets - meat eaters. Gentle flesh of bull-calves is delivered from the farm located under Tokyo. The divine product moves only with pepper and mustard. Other seasonings are considered as blasphemy.

Kitchen: Japanese

Average account: $500


the Local cuisine a little what differ in

from hundreds of other Parisian institutions - well a sandwich a krok - the monsieur well fish and seafood. Here another is interesting. This place literally breathes history - exactly here in 1814 the Russian Cossacks shouted well-known bistro! to the frightened waiters. everything, however, is forgotten. You will try to repeat - will not understand.

Kitchen: French

Average account: 25


Taipei, Taiwan

At first sight - anything special. Usual restaurant for business appointments - decent kitchen, decent visitors in suits, decent checks. What here is absolutely indecent, so it is height at which the restaurant is located. 86 - y the floor, 370 meters are officially the highest point of world restaurant culture.

Kitchen: Italian, Japanese

Average account: $90-100


India, Singapore, Kuala - Lumpur, Malaziya

the Best in this restaurant - price policy. Or rather, its absence. Each of visitors pays so much how many he will consider it necessary. Or, using formulations of owners, gives so much material how many spiritual he received . Surplus of spiritual - the worst in this restaurant. The kitchen is somewhere in the middle. Indian, vegetarian. Anyway, it is better than vinegar which, as we know, is sweet and for nothing.

Kitchen: vegetarian

Average account: how many it is not a pity for


Brussels, Belgium

the Dizzy gastronomic attraction: table of 6 in size × 2 meters, the cook, waiters, 22 boarding in the chairs equipped with four seat belts are delivered in the sky by means of the crane. the meal occurs at the height of 40-50 meters so it is necessary to forget about the fallen devices forever.

Kitchen: at the request of the customer

the Average account: 7900 for 8 - hour rent of a table]