Rus Articles Journal advantage or harm?

Author: Svetlana Malevich In the nineties popularity enjoyed

game - through how many person you are familiar with the president Yeltsin? . That whose chain of znakomets was the shortest won, naturally. Such game was a prototype of a social network though then nobody used this term. Now all claim by chorus that behind social networks the future.

There is a lot of Russian-speaking social networks: one give the chance to unite on professional interests, others - on hobbies. And (odnoklassniki. ru) - unite all by rather strange principle: with these people we studied at one school, there were times . But what is done the hell by all these people on the website it is so much time what other employers already began to block access there? To tell somebody - will not believe.

Employers even more often block access to the website not unreasonably believing that many employees spend there indecently a lot of the working hours. They hammer names there - surnames of the znakomets on antecedents go according to profiles, consider photos, give for them marks and write significant messages, type: Hi, you remember me? How are you doing? . Whether absurdity? Perhaps, but only at first sight.

The most front theory is that unprecedented popularity Schoolmates it is caused by a powerful advertizing campaign. Even if in it there is a grain of truth, an exhaustive explanation of popularity Schoolmates all of us equally do not receive. However, there are also other versions.

To see the first one-way love to dtsat years later - though it is banal, but is entertaining. The statistics, however, shows that the frayed by life, first love, most likely, will be the big-bellied growing bald man. The scale of feelings, most likely, will include surprise, disappointment and a little tickling complacency.

It is much more curious when years later people who were connected once by the conflicts, misunderstanding, hostility meet. For a long time the reasons of collisions, reasons for claims were forgotten. And even leaving school does not cancel the conflict. Many for years live with belief: The school did not love me even plainly without knowing for what. The reunion can if not to cross out former contradictions then to remove long-term stress. With age people become quieter, more tolerant, realizovanny, and the majority of the children`s conflicts usually comes to naught. Cases when they on reunions were crossed an aggressor and his former victim are known and discussed the last days, thereby, leveling both inveterate offense, and inveterate aggression.

From all range of vital options we can make only one choice - and sometimes it strains a little. Periodically pulls to turn off back events and to reflect that occurred if I happened to act this way, but not differently. If we did not quarrel with the friend if we chose institute for the company with the girlfriend. Circulation on To Schoolmates. ru (where it is possible to dig out not only schoolmates, but also any layers of the life) provide plentiful food for thought about our behavior in rotary life situations.

An opportunity to find long ago the friends and acquaintances who were gone from the horizon gives illusion of control over the life. The feeling is created that we almost did not have lost contacts, the quantity of the lost opportunities decreased. That if there is some problem, it is always possible to contact Vasya from work before last (other question whether Vasya will begin to be engaged in our affairs). And if the second half - to have love affairs with the former school admirer begins to tire.

Being reflected in the public eyes. - presentation resource. For us tell not our texts, but our photos and a track record. Girls in the opinion of the public are strongly decorated by the existence of the second surname in skobochka testifying to a marriage and the photo with the child. Men are painted by a position, it is desirable in the solid company. Even it is excessive to say that people walk about on To Schoolmates comparing personal and others` formal achievements to own. Walk about, compare, are proud, indignant, surprised - generally, experience the mass of emotions. Exposing the achievements on display, we lift own importance in the eyes, especially for this purpose without doing anything.

It is considered that if in a class there were cordial relations, then people not are lost and in adulthood. Often - but not always. Thanking To Schoolmates people really meet: and those who had an amicable class, and those, at whom not really. This service is especially actual for those who studied in some godforsaken military camp or managed to change several schools moreover and in the different cities. To someone give the chance to ponostalgirovat, to someone - to return to the USSR, to someone - to rediscover neighbors in a school desk or to start useful contacts.

And now about less spiritualized. In - the first, at the left and on the right cries that creation " are constantly distributed; Schoolmates - these are intrigues of the intelligence agencies collecting on people of the file by their own hands. And that, moreover, main competitor Schoolmates - " network; VKontakte (vkontakte. ru) in general is created on money of FSB. Pardon. What it is possible to report about himself new, having called the place of study and work and having posted on the website the photos (often - not brilliant quality)? Whether most each of us specifies the same, filling in, for example, the questionnaire for the international passport?

But there are also more plausible rumors. In particular, that are actively used for searches of malicious defaulters. The situation is played similarly To the Mysterious buyer in the sphere of trade. On the website the virtual is registered and contacts the alleged debtor. Then correspondence which has to certify a collector that before it the one who it is necessary, but not full the defaulter`s namesake is started. And, at last, a decisive step - the collector receives the operating mobile phone or makes an appointment.

However, those who are not afraid to fall a victim of intrigues of intelligence agencies and those who have no debt obligations risk one more. Huge " list; friends in any of social networks creates feeling of own demand and the importance for people around. And for this demand nothing especially will be required: it is not necessary even to meet anybody. It is possible just to write: Hi, how are you doing? to that with whom you in eatery threw bread 20 years ago.]