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About to advantage I Assume piracies of

that 90% of visitors of NNM consider pirates by the absolute benefit. And arguments of these people are at first sight logical and reasonable, but I assure you, it, only at first sight. To consider piracy in our country separately from a situation in general, it is senseless therefore it will be a question not only of pirates.

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So what good was made to us by pirates? Is at fans of a freebie very much powerful a trump which concerns all of us favourite Windows OS. Besides that she very glyuchny she both expensive, and our poor compatriot to buy it not mozhyot as, and it has to cost for us nothing at all, then we are it and we will take, and the benefit will be everything. And awful Bill, does not want for poorly " windows; to sell, and we punish him for it and we buy everything from pirates for kopeks, and he let sucks a paw the greedy person.

Well that pirates, undoubtedly, do good serious work, they give the chance to each of us not to be spent on everyone there glyuchny softina, also we can play different toys, listen to music and. etc.

is A little history.

In the eighties Microsoft issued the first Windows, in fact it was the simple superstructure over DOS. Then another 99% of our inhabitants also did not imagine what is the computer, a bit later computers began to extend Bol less actively. In the early nineties at many enterprises and the organizations of steel PC appears habitual for us. On screens of these computers file " type managers flaunted; Norton is a commander accountants started the programs and quietly worked. Windows, grew to version 3 by then. 1, and still to it it was necessary DOS, and it especially interested nobody.

With the advent of Windows 95. It became suddenly clear to all that here it the future of the computer.

could Buy Windows then absolutely few and it was not necessary by and large, for work in the organizations was also DOS quite enough.

Now let`s think and whether there could begin then our programmers work on own OS similar to Windows if we in the country had no pirates. Without having an opportunity to buy, we could begin to do the. And then still, it was real to make, not so a lot of code was in Windows.

If to look at everything in pink flowers, then it is possible to imagine the following picture. The ninetieth years, piracies in Russia are not present, our programmers see overseas OS and understand that it is necessary to create, something similar, and here, the Microsoft arises at us. But it did not occur and could not occur since in, time the people thought of that, to survive as if and ways of earnings were any if only the income was brought in.

Time went, Windows developed, our country fought with where big problems, than piracy and the whole generation grew on stolen software products. Many will tell that in it there is nothing bad, t. to we all the same had no opportunity to buy programs, and thanks to piracy we did not lag behind the whole world. Here that is also that trap in which all of us were tightened by pirates.

I am surprised most of all by people who sincerely trust that when they buy for 50 rubles of Windows or any other softinka, thereby they punish a burzhuin for his greed. And even many officials say that they for our country have to be other price of the same Windows. Like, the income at us not that in the West. But nobody says that let`s spit these Windows and we will get all on Linux.

A situation such is that thanks to pirates all of us very well know Windows and we sit on it as on drug, and this drug to us is sold by pirates who help not us and help first of all Microsoft which the further the more strong holds us on a hook. One of delusions is that Microsoft cannot protect the programs. It is nonsense, maybe, and very easily, only it does not need it. It is necessary for it that used its programs as the bigger number of users is possible. And the fact that these users do not buy official licenses is already the second question. Microsoft perfectly understands that the, all of them will early take, sooner or later. Already now many buy the computer as a unit, even without imagining that such iron and software.

I do not remember precisely, but it seems there is such situation that the shop cannot sell the ready computer without OS established on it, not very well what. And here precisely I know that Russia is on the fourth place in Europe selling desktop computers, and on the second place selling laptops. And all these computers are on sale from Windows installed on them. And you say that you deceive Microsoft!

No, children they grew up us and our children on the windows, we studied their programs, and now when our citizens had an opportunity to buy computers they go and buy iron, and together with it and Windows because all very well know it. At the enterprises and in the organizations, heads are forced to buy Windows too because when you get a job, ask you questions whether you know Word, Excel and. etc. and all of course know, all houses learned. Here and so, by means of pirates ourselves trained ourselves and at the same time placed on Windows.

One more delusion that in Microsoft little fools who cannot make anything on the present normal sit, all complain that programs at this company always glyuchny and not completed.

Understand, all this becomes specially or almost specially. Complete with Windows there is still a lot of various software seemingly necessary and in principle useful, but most of users do not use it. And here, apparently, why in Microsoft, will not lick the programs into shape. Why was not to make the normal browser, a normal viewer long ago, to add one more player, easier, and. etc. Yes because all this is not necessary for Microsoft, it is not necessary because if its product is not perfect, means always, there will be people who will want to make better, and it in turn leads to the fact that on NNM there are news that there was a new program, the new version and. etc. It is the most usual advertizing. Well, imagine that Windows is reliable, stable moreover and it is completed with almost ideal software. What as a result? Yes what the whole a lot of developers of programs will be stopped by the works in a type of their hopelessness, and it in turn will lead to the fact that will tell less about Microsoft, will leave less programs for it and respectively interest in Windows will vanish. Now a huge number of third-party developers tviker, cleaners, firewalls, graphic programs and still a heap only work for Windows, antiviruses. And all this could and not to be if in Microsoft completed the Windows with normal software. But it is not necessary for them, they need a dvizhukha around Windows That day by day on users information on new programs, on new versions, on new viruses and antiviruses poured and. etc.

Try to post the program, for example, for Linux and not to specify, it in explanations, you receive 99% of comments with words the " type; to drink to " poison; t. to at us already by default in brains sits that if the software means to Windows. And behind it there are thousands of developers, and all of them are small screws in Microsoft empire. And it is not important that continuous talk on Microsoft generally with a minus sign, corporation it does not kalyshit at all since there is no real alternative of Windows, and respectively any talk and scandals do well it.

I already hear voices Linuksoidov which shout that Windows has a real competitor. Well, chtozh you have a right for this delusion. To understand who in the house the owner and whether Linux really is a competitor of Windows. Let`s understand at first to ourselves that Windows is paid OS, and Linux does not. And here is how time for this reason Linux will never constitute danger to Windows. By and large in Microsoft, I think, pray on creators of Linux, and sincerely want that their penguins developed further. Why? Yes because if suddenly Linux will not become, for Microsoft hard times after the first statistics on users in which respectively there will be data that 99% of users use programs of Microsoft will begin. The antimonopoly committee, will begin such trials that will not seem a little, and it already was, wanted to divide Microsoft into parts. Here therefore for Microsoft it is better to have allegedly the competitor and a share in the market in 80 - 90% and to quietly cut coupons, than to completely occupy the market and to receive big problems.

Regarding free of charge and competitiveness Linux then everything is simple. Can quite be that Linux is better than Windows, about outside this matter of taste inside. The main problem Linux not in proving to users that their OS is better, the main problem Linux in its free of charge.

We got used that if the bought goods, appeared not qualitative or just not arranging us, then many forces and nerves to spend for return an exchange is necessary to us and. etc. And in the developed countries the people views have some others, they having paid for, something and without having received the desirable, at once go at first to the seller and then to court to receive compensation at full scale. The poet it is simpler to majority to buy Windows and to receive a product which has an owner, to receive normal service and those. support and from which on extreme the case can be asked.

It is possible to add to it also that Linux destiny of enthusiasts of persons interested to rummage in brains of an operating system.

Here imagine that offer you two approximately identical cars, one to you is offered free of charge, and the second, for money, and not small. But at the same time there is a condition that you should lick the free car at first into shape, to put all clamps to customize system of ignition and. etc. and further to repair it you awake if it breaks or still something happens to it, of course, you everything will be told, you are more faithful everything ask and you will read the instruction, but under a cowl you will get. And other car that paid, will be repaired on service and if that happens, then you will be able always to receive the competent answer to any question and if absolutely breaks or brings on the way that is against whom and to file a lawsuit. And here in such situation one of ten will tell that it easily will repair the car, and will take free, and nine people will say yes well it nafig better for a fee, but will be to whom to address and from whom to ask because we should go, but not under car to roll.

These handymen who repair the cars and is users Linux they the competent and well understanding people but it is not enough of them, and the bulk of users wishes to have an opportunity will call and to shout or just to ask and receive the answer from the patient girl who will stupidly speak on as how to press.

So that Linux will be always, but only here at home users it will never be on the first place. Even if we will exterminate pirates, all the same the majority will prefer paid Windows, than free Linux. Why? I will give an example.

Ya for the small affairs I use piracy 1C accounts department, well and respectively taught the spouse to work in it when she got a job, on a habit called me with questions as as. Once, when I was got by her questions, I asked, whether but not official it 1C. After an affirmative answer, in the evening she with delight told me as very patient and lovely girl listened to her stupid questions within one hour, and popularly explained as how to do. What to tell, I when began to use a computer also, tried to call Microsoft with questions, only how to call if a finger in the pie.

Lately in Europe and we have some organizations and users passed to Linux, but it is rather a merit of Microsoft. They stopped support of old versions of Windows, and tightened with Vista. In such situation to the organizations to buy XP which on change, here - here will come new wasps there is no sense. And certain users were just bothered by Windows. Now there will be Vista and vanity will begin again. Programs for Whists, firewood, new Direkt Ickx, games for whists, expectation of a service pack and. etc. What there Linux when it is necessary to look for and wear bugs in Whist it, how much in vain. And pirates will help us with it.

Sad the fact that even with such level of piracy at us in the country could will appear very serious and good software products. Sad it because if to imagine what would be if we bought programs of the developers. Now all our software firms live in the basic because sell the programs abroad, and at the same time in every possible way hide that they from Russia. Also they are forced to do it because the foreign user a little himself respects, and he knows that in Russia all steal software which is done by his compatriots, and for what reason he will buy the programs made in Russia.

We drag everything that is not nailed.

Here, present, our talented fellow with a heap of ideas with desire sits, and thinks, now I will write the good program what`s next? it is not possible to sell it to our users. Means, it is necessary to be spent for a foreign hosting, for the translator, into the account in foreign bank and. etc. and. etc. And here in this situation of 9 of 10 will spit, will write which - as the program, will have moral satisfaction from necessity of the program, and all. And the question price not hundreds of dollars, here, how many our developers 50, 100, 300, 500 of rubles ask for the programs.

Know, our beginning programmer that citizens of his country respect also personal and others` work and are ready to pay it if he writes the standing thing. Then he will quietly create, free of charge a page on people it will be registered in WebMoney, will download the file on Slow motion, and will post news on NNM, all. People will download, will look and if they need the program and it is worth it, will send it who how many will be able 30 - 50 - 100 rubles It doesn`t matter. Arithmetics is simple here if 1000 people on average on a tridtsatnik send, then the programmer will receive 30000. And on this money it is possible to live month quietly and to further develop the program, or to undertake new, without thinking that it is necessary somewhere to go to work that food to buy.

Of course, 8 people from ten will stupidly shirk this money, and all their business on it will end. But one will continue to work, and one more will take the credit and will organize the firm and will hire such, as it young talented students.

Really it is not clear to us that if we want to live well, then have to respect own work and work of other citizens of the country. So far we will envy and reflect on type: not the fig to itself this four-eyes Vaska, 30000 will receive for the programmulina, and I that. Yes not that! And the fact that if you pay it, so he in turn will pay you for your work and will treat your work just as you to it with respect.

As that the companion speaks to me: - It what it is necessary to be idiots to ask 20 dollars for a skrinsaver. It it about foreigners. It is really difficult to imagine that our compatriot will lay out 20 dollars for absolutely not the necessary thing. And here the foreigner spreads because understands that the person worked on it and this person made that what was required to him. And the logic is simple here, there are goods if it is necessary to you, buy if is not present, then do not buy if you consider, too expensive make its itself or find that be simpler and cheaper. And to think out stories about the fact that no, money is not necessary.

We have in general an interesting policy we want all the best if Windows so of Pro - the version, no house versions are accepted, it and is natural because everything is free, and if is free, then give all best. And at the same time, when speak to us, maybe, pay, we in reply, neo, expensively, here if cheaper then can be. And what relation after that you to yourself want from the West.

When we were told that Ukraine steals gas from us moreover and wants it to buy at below cost prices, all of us oh as were indignant. And at the same time, we do the same.

Undoubtedly, Windows expensive pleasure, but nobody drags us out to work with this OS, please, there are alternatives, but only, something nobody especially hurries.

Look, money for construction of science and technology parks is allocated, but nobody stammers at allocating money for writing of own OS. And you know why? because Chinese, last year declared that they will write own Axis. And in several years it will appear and it in functionality will be similar to Windows 98!. Now you understand how far Microsoft escaped from all.

What government or the businessman will invest money in creation of new OS. This is only the idiot full can make because it will be necessary 5 to be put at least years nothing without receiving and then to try to sell it, and abroad nobody will be going to buy since on a pistoletika they us twirled, we for them the Third World country, and not they it thought up it ourselves earned such attitude towards ourselves.

All say that we turn into a raw appendage of the West or already turned, and that you wanted if ourselves do everything for this purpose.

Oh, what pirates and kryaker good people, oh, how much they give us. Aha, only where your children will work? in Siberia on boring? Well - whether much you know domestic-owned software firms in which programmers would be required, - and it, to a descent and will not remember. But we love pirates which on a root ruin all domestic software industry, and together with it and our future, and foreign software giants, meanwhile, prosper in spite of the fact that in Russia as if nobody buys their products.

Here recently asked Tryna to tell thanks for its work. Of course, to tell thanks especially there is nothing, but also to abuse, too is not necessary. NNM is one of numerous portals which are a loud-hailer of pirates and kryaker. Also it is possible to blame of course creators of NNM for it, but by and large they fell a victim of pirates too. If pirates were not, then they could start up all the knowledge and abilities not on publicizing of piracy activity, and on other projects. But such is reality of our life in which in a different way could not be. Also there is in NNM now one big plus which is that here just those people to whom the computer is interesting gathered, life around it is interesting, and all these people just also are potential buyers of domestic software, so far only domestic. Because it is necessary to show at first, the whole world that we respect work of the producers, and can show then, as we respect their work too.

I do not offer, now will start and buying by all everything, and all I suggest to begin at least the movement in this direction. For a start it is possible for all those who post news, it is slightly more attention to pay to post and if it spreads domestic development, then let he in bold will report at the end everything that it is our people made, and can be it is worth thanking them for it. Also it is not necessary to think that it is necessary to pay big money. Here is important the fact that work of the author of the program was estimated and even the smallest remuneration will be worth a lot here. It is not difficult to write the letter and to tell that so supposedly and so, I use your program, it is pleasant to me, I want to thank you, than I will be able, tell as to make it. Or just if there are numbers of purses to send money, and then to strike a couple of words.

Anyway if we want to move further, then we should exist under normal human laws. And if someone thinks that the theft covered with different excuses it is normal, then he is mistaken. And if we want that we to our opinion listened in that society whose products we use now, then we have to show them that we are normal people that we appreciate human work too that we can make too a lot of things, and not just to sell oil with gas.

And the most important it is necessary to understand that on a game the future of our children and grandsons. I do not think that it will be pleasant to them to realize then that in the world treat them badly because their parents only stole all life and sold, without doing anything else. It is pleasant to us to realize now that our grandfathers won World War II and won against fascism. We are proud of it. We are proud of the fact that our country, our fathers and mothers the first started the person in space. Let at us in the country not so everything be good as it would be desirable, but in our forces to change everything and it is heavy and it seems what is not real, but to try, it is necessary. And if to sit and talk profusely, then I pound any will not be. So that let`s think over it.

Let`s understand that it is much more pleasant to have an opportunity to buy, than to steal and to constantly look for explanations for it. And an opportunity to buy from us will be when we begin, something to do.

For commentators.

1. It is not necessary to cling to words and offers, many things are exaggerated.

2. If it seems to you that all this nonsense, then it is not necessary to write the short comment, I expressed the opinion and more than 20 000 times pressed keyboards the buttons. And I do not need your instant conclusions.

3. Well and of course I will delete any silly flood and spam whenever possible.

P. S. If someone asks

and what actually good was made by the author of literary trash of this. I Answer

. NOTHING I same, as well as the majority, any softinka is bought, the only thing, pieces license bought five games. But in usual life there are shifts in the right direction of what and you are wished.]