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How estimated the life of Picasso?

the Combination of words of Pablo Picasso are known to all.

the Full name of the famous artist of the XX century sounds so:

Pablo Diego Joz Frantsisco de Paula Huang Niepomukengo Crispin of Crispiano de la Santissima of Trinidad Ruiz and Picasso. Picasso`s

by origin - the Spaniard, and in Spain so magnificent set of names at all not a rarity. In total in his name and a surname 93 letters. And if the artist signed all pictures with the full name, then it would be the longest art signature in the world.

Pablo was born on October 25, 1881 in Malaga, Andalusia. He was a son of the teacher of painting. The artist`s father, Jose Ruiz Blasco (Picasso is a surname of mother of the artist), was a mediocre painter and taught at art school in Malaga, then in lyceum in Corunna where he moved with the family in 1891, and, at last, at Art school in Barcelona where in September, 1895 Pablo joined it. In Barcelona their workshop settled down opposite to the house of Gaudi constructed samimantonio.

Dream to become the true artist, king of the world attracted Pablo to Paris.

C of 1900 of Picasso is unseparable with Paris. It began the way in the poor quarter in the wooden house inhabited by poor artists and actors.

He wore the mechanic`s suit - blue special clothes and a red shirt in white peas. The Spanish sandals with rope soles completed a dress. Sometimes it happened to eat only that the cat - a piece of blood sausage could steal

the neighbor Pablo One night, the German artist, committed suicide, without having sustained narcotic withdrawal pains. The frightened Picasso who conceived a liking for opium smoking recently immediately threw out the tube. Forever. He very much wanted to live. There was a wish to paint many pictures.

Time went, dealers in pictures occasionally began to get Picasso`s cloths - they were not confused even by his manner to bargain, holding in hand the charged revolver.

Together with Pablo to his first real apartment moved from floating laundry three Siamese cats, favourite dog, manual monkey and family of white mice.

Only the first woman immortalized on canvases, is a lot of years dividing hunger and need with Picasso, was insufficiently good for it when prosperity came, at last.

of the Woman of the artist were always beautiful and young. Picasso at first was nineteen years old, then thirty five, fifty, seventy, and to them - always seventeen, twenty, twenty three.

As well as all in Paris in the first decade of the XX century, Picasso was fond of fashion on all Russian . He very much was interested in everything occurring in revolutionary Russia. At one time he even seriously was going to learn Russian. Also began to look after passionately the Russian ballerina with a face of the Madonna. It is so passionate that Dyagilev even considered a duty to warn: Be careful, it the Russian, and with Russians do not joke, marry them! Picasso`s

belonged to Dyagilev`s words seriously and married. In it there was so much an artist, new for greedy to feelings - to marry moreover the Russian ballerina, the daughter of the imperial general! To get married it on orthodox custom!

This exotic wedding visited many celebrities: Sergey Dyagilev, Guillaume Apollinaire, Henri Matisse, Jean Cocteau.

Having become fine model and a muse for Picasso, Olga Khokhlova gave birth to him to the son Paul, but could not become the good wife. Too they were different: it could not without work, adored vanishing in a workshop, and she preferred to see it on secular receptions. The image of the artist - the rebel was lovelier to it, she wanted to be married to the respectable and bourgeois painter. The revenge of the artist was terrible: if at first he drew the wife in romantic tones, then now in his pictures she appeared the old woman - the shrew. And the artist could not live with the shrew any more.

Seventeen-year-old Mari - Teres Walther gave 50 - to tiletny Picasso so many new feelings that he drew and drew her tirelessly. But to it - that, as well as any woman, there was a wish bigger! There was a wish to be not only model. She gave birth to the daughter Maya in 1935. But Picasso looked for inspiration in the new woman.

his Next girlfriend was younger than it for 40 years.

Francoisa Gilo differed from all former mistresses of Picasso also the fact that their relations developed slowly and viscously, without pressure inherent in the genius.

We were connected only by art. I fell in love with his pictures, and then and Pablo - she admitted memoirs. Francoisa became the only woman who threw Picasso herself.

Jacqueline Rock was fated to become the second and last wife of Pablo Picasso, the last muse. The age difference reached 45 years this time. To it was 72, she is only 27 years old.

She created own religion by the name of Pablo Picasso. And this worship - when hands daily kiss - it was pleasant to the old artist. Jacqueline`s

did not want to see anybody near the genius. Neither his children, nor family, nor acquaintances. It had to belong to it entirely. She succeeded in it much.

the Last years of the genius were filled with rage and conflicts.

He died on April 8, 1973.

He died at the age of 91 year, having left behind more than fifty thousand pictures, drawings, engravings, sculptures, works of ceramics.

For inheritance of the great artist the real fight between his numerous successors will be developed.

On October 20, 1977 in the Mediterranean town of Zhyuan - le - Pan in garage of own house hung herself Mari - Teres Walther.

her daughter Maya died in road accident soon after death of mother.

On October 15, 1986 at three o`clock in the morning the widow Picasso Jacqueline was shot in the bed. It occurred on the eve of opening of an exhibition of the artist in Madrid

the Heritage of the artist is estimated by experts at several billions.

At the very beginning of the career, in 1903, Picasso painted the picture Life .

Wrote very quickly, literally for couple of days. And then pushed in a far corner of a workshop and tried to show nobody.

Life in reply wrote his portrait.

the Portrait of the genius who managed to express the creativity flour and happiness of a half of the XX century.]