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Where there is the necessary closet?

the Toilet, a rest room, a toilet, a retirada, the bathroom domestic and borrowed from other languages in our use are enough

of Synonyms of a latrine. All of them define purpose of vital and important object in life of each living person.

the Place where the natural need copes, - the exhaustive characteristic. From here and laconic, expressive - the necessary closet, it is a nuzhnik.

Because needs it to everyone and it is necessary to do it daily.

Never ancestors of the modern person celebrated the natural need where lived. No traces of use of the dwelling at the same time and as toilet are found in one of the manned caves investigated by paleontologists. All inhabitants of the space which is taken away under housing - whether it be a glade under sprawling krone of a cedar, either a dugout, or the cozy coast of a stream - by all means had to go beyond the designated limits, where - nibud outside and already there to be exempted from the digested shaggy mammoth or a vintorogy Manchurian deer. To depart far away from the place of a lodging for the night for an excrement - it is put in the biological program of all predators and primacies. But if at animals of evaporation of excrement is a status sign and a boundary mark, then for people are first of all a smell.

Spacious habitats of our ancestors created and kept the original relation in this part of physiological departures - where it is necessary where the need will find, behind any suitable rocket bush. The most expressive definition developed in - a latrine - a pier, departed on sufficient distance that not to disturb people, and with the pleasure was emptied.

Huge congestions of inhabitants in the cities put before people and very sensitive hygienic, sewer issues. Greeks borrowed Babylonians idea of washout by water and clay pipes. Progress inevitably led to a meeting with a formula - it is necessary to pay for everything. Not only for comfort in the course of a defekation, but also for physical capacity to celebrate need while it does not give an inconvenience and it is not connected with painful discomfort.

On stony islands in the ocean, in Japan, traditions developed in a different way. There, for example, never took money for visit of a toilet. Was considered that departure of these physiological requirements is so natural that it is so strange to take for it money, as well as for use of air.

However, the main reason consists, nevertheless, in another. In Japan there was never a full-scale animal husbandry and, as a result, the lack of natural fertilizers was always felt. Therefore traditionally in Japan the guest was in every possible way thanked if he deigned to visit a latrine, having made, thereby, the contribution to increase of labor productivity of the earth.

Even traded in excrements in the market, - changed on weight for rice. Meticulous Japanese strictly watched that the income from collecting sewage was distributed on justice . If the bathroom was exposed in the house where its owner lived, then all its contents belonged to one to it even if he took to himself in lodges. If the house was leased entirely, then liquid sewage belonged to the tenant, and firm - to the house owner.

In modern Japanese there are at least fifteen words designating this place ( convenient place river lodge hidden by snow ...)]