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What can cure sex of?

Scientists once again proved that sex is useful to health. Researchers note that favorable results will be especially noticeable if to make love a minimum of times a week. Scientists opened amazing amount of medicinal properties of sex, beginning from extension of life and finishing with soothing effect.

Researches do not show whether the improving effect of sex is a consequence of the most sexual intercourse or those emotions which are experienced by the person during intimate proximity. Nevertheless, sex makes the most favorable impact on a physical condition of the person. Especially it concerns women. Scientists give six aspects of influence of sex on health of the person:

1. Sex is capable to cure of flu and cold. According to researches of scientists from Uilksky university in Pennsylvania, sex of 1 - 2 time a week is capable increases the level of the immunostimulating antibodies three times - immunoglobulins A which protect an organism from respiratory viruses.

2. Sex - is better than the cosmetologist`s office. In the course research in Edinburgh royal hospital the group of experts considered people of various age through a unilateral mirror and suggested concerning their age. The participants of research looking according to experts, 7 - 12 years more young, on average had sex 4 times a week. Scientists consider that regular sex helped them to look younger. One of the reasons - sex increases estrogen level in blood of women that does their hair brilliant, and skin - elastic.

3. Sex burns calories. During sex more than 4 calories a minute are burned. For half an hour of love it is possible to spend the calories received when eating four chocolates. So consider sex as one of ways of daily sports activities.

4. Sex treats migraine. For women the headache is the main reason to make love, but not to refuse it. Increase of level of endorphins and kortikosteroidy in blood during excitement and an orgasm is a fine analgetic.

5. Sex stabilizes a menstrual cycle. A number of the researches conducted by endocrinologists at the Colombian and Stenfordsky universities showed that at women who weekly have sex, a cycle more regular, than at abstaining or resorting to a coition from time to time. (Similar research showed that even lesbian caress well influences a menstrual cycle). Researchers claim that the proximity, but not an orgasm is important.

6. Sex can relieve of troubles. Women use muscles of a pelvic bottom to constrain urine. With age they wear out therefore it is necessary to make more efforts to avoid a casual urination. The same muscles it is possible to train during sex - at the same time the best way just does not exist]