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What is lovingly - erotic cookery?

you want to bring in the relations with the partner novelty and freshness of feelings not only in beds, but also in kitchen? Such cookery will teach you to remain attractive and sexually active at any age. Taste of sexual secretions depends on taste of food.

Huge attention experts on love style, the Indian culinary specialists, gave to smells as, in their opinion, aroma of food strongly influenced aroma of a body, and the last, in turn, set the tone for love games.

Agree, hardly the heavy smell of a body caused by the heavy, not corresponding to sexual requirements food will be able to awaken a sexual inclination. Negatively the fried

food, especially in hot fan, that is, prepared in a large amount of oil influences the person. It is possible to tell safely that the fried food is contraindicated to erotic sacrament and it is harmful to sexual joys. Such food creates abundance of slime, promotes obesity, fatigue, weight.

If one combination of flavoring feelings can cause delight and an erotic spirit, then another - irritability and anger. Advantage of Indian cuisine - in freshness and naturalness of products, in lack of preservatives, dyes, various artificial additives, improvers of taste and other inventions of a civilization. The real legislators of fashion in the field of erotic cookery are Chinese who eat, on our concepts, exotic food, and prepare there only men. These people very much love swallow`s nests, the stuffed eggs fermented (black and smeared as paste) eggs.

In general, the great influence on male and female sexuality is rendered by separate foodstuff. The products bearing in themselves the exciting beginning , it is possible to divide into three main groups: animal, vegetable and mineral. They are used or separately, or in a combination, considering flavoring addictions of the specific person.

Eggs of various birds (chicken, goose, quail), milk (especially goat), a game

(hazel grouses, quails), genitals of animals, mussels, oysters, caviar belong to the first group. Among exotic products of an animal

of an origin deer horns, musky gland, ambergris of whales, a rhinoceros horn have exciting effect. That all

these means were effective, animals have to be young and healthy.

The second, more numerous group includes a ginger root, fennel, a ginseng root, mushrooms, black beans,

some grades of onions, pumpkin, carrots, a rhubarb, figs, the young woman, almonds, pistachio and pine nuts, seeds fir-tree,

sesame seed, cinnamon, a nutmeg, a saffron, some grades of burning pepper, raisin, walnuts, honey, millet,

seeds of oranges, grenades. All plants have to be quality and are collected in certain time.

It is known that sex hormones are formed in an organism at sufficient receipt reproduction vitamins And yes E.

They contain in animal fats, eggs, a treskovy liver, carrots. Vitamins of group B provide to

effective conductivity of impulses on nerves that is extremely important for process of sexual excitement. They contain

in grain and bean crops, potatoes, dairy products, meat and fish dishes. Vitamin C contributes

to normalization of blood circulation and well influences a condition of genitals. Vitamin C a citrus (oranges, lemons, grapefruits) are especially rich with


In the following article I will continue and I will describe several surprises and unique, available recipes

for excitement of erotic desires.]