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How to determine character of the girl by the photo at first sight?

Determination of character on features, poses, the movements, a manner to put on very much even are possible. It is easy to find these details also at personal meeting, and on a photo. In the person everything is interconnected, but exact diagnostics demands not only a wide experience and observation, but also special knowledge.

Ya I offer you very simple and evident, but, nevertheless, really working system which, of course, does not describe all female variety, but it is quite capable to define the main traits of character. Present to

four geometrical figures: a circle, the triangle put on top, a square and the vertical wavy line. Imagine how these figures move. And now look at the specific woman or even at her photo. With what of these figures it is associated more?

1. Round

At these women roundish features, sloping shoulders, a large soft breast and tendency to corpulence. Round do not differ in a delicacy in appearance, their movements are weakened, and a voice soft. They are sociable and direct, but are lazy and unpunctual.

To attract round the woman, is not necessary to bend fingers . Be sincere, be not afraid to joke, tell jokes.

Round are indifferent to luxury, but conveniences are necessary for them. In the house such woman creates a cosiness and heat and will be able sometimes to indulge you with own hand made dinner. They are good mothers and perfectly communicate with children. But the main thing - they are able to love and respect the man, unconditionally accepting his leadership.

There is a wish to warn against a typical mistake in the relations with round women. Despite ease in communication, they are not so available as they seem. Therefore do not do the tragedy if you notice that she talks to other men and smiles of

2. Triangular

of U triangular women athletic figure: big shoulders, narrow hips, small breast, brawny legs. They are vigorous and mobile, their gestures are sharp, the gait which is jumping up, and a voice loud and ringing. They like to show superiority, without missing an opportunity to brag of prestigious things, and often behave provocatively.

Such women love strong and successful. Put on the best things and avoid cheap cigarettes. Not you litter money, but let know that you have them. Play on their jealousy, drawing attention of other women.

In a family triangular are extremely exacting and ambitious. They want that in the house everything was according to the highest category, and children are dressed haute couture . She will demand much also for herself personally. How many you would not earn, will constantly seem to you that it is not enough. She will constantly compete with you for a priority role and will not allow to relax.

A typical mistake in the relations with triangular - attempt to win them and to bridle. Bridled triangular the woman becomes uninteresting. Allow it to win you with variable success better - it for a long time will keep its interest in you.

3. Square

Square women are given by total accuracy. They avoid bright dresses, extravagant hairdresses, do not swing hands and seldom raise the voice. They have narrow shoulders, wide hips and short legs. They communicate with all on formal terms and are never late. In the man appreciate reliability and obligation.

If you want to be pleasant to it - clean trousers and footwear, be punctual, do not release grease jokes also do not spray attention to other women.

In a family square women are quiet, reliable and accurate. They are good hostesses, are able to spend reasonably means and if it is required, then and to save, patiently transferring temporary financial difficulties. Such woman will never change and will not betray you, but also will demand from you honesty and fidelity.

A typical mistake - opinion that they do not accept anything new. But it not so. Square women need fresh impressions too, just they do not love impromptus. If you want to try something brand new - discuss it in advance.

4. Wavy

Wavy women constantly change image, lurching from one extreme to the other. But also them it is possible to calculate . The proportions extended a body flexible, the movements are plastic also manerna, fingers and a mimicry are extremely mobile. They repeat the same phrase in various options, grinding and admiring it, and behave so as if they are in theater, being at the same time both actors, and the audience.

Wavy appreciate eccentricity, intellectual and spiritual refinement. But, showing itself in all beauty, be not fond. Give also to it the chance to show the advantages.

To family life wavy the woman is poorly adapted and practical everyday questions concern her a little. It requires constant attention, admiration and new impressions. It needs unusual dresses and the best cosmetics so with it there is a lot of expenses. But with such woman it is not a shame to seem in society.

A typical mistake - conviction that diligence to be pleasant means the special attitude towards the man. Believing that it already entirely belongs to it, the man forgets to admire regularly it, and wavy the woman finds another admirer .

There is a wish to pay attention that in the photos posted on the websites, people not always look naturally. Often stylists and photographers create an image attractive, but absolutely unusual for the person. Therefore try to pay attention not to separate details, and to try on a geometrical figure to the girl in general, globally. Then the probability of a mistake will be much less.

Of course, this way cannot give a full guarantee of reliability. But for this purpose there are other techniques. For example, psychological tests.

Analyze, draw conclusions and the most important - a right choice! And - be happy!]