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How to choose heat-insulated floor ?

Heat-insulated floor as well as cell phones, also people at whom not such and the big income are able to afford now. It is easy to explain it. These goods, as well as many others, became much more various. And the most important - for the last fifteen years it considerably fell in price. And people are already able to afford system of floor heating practically in any apartment.

It warms up air on height to two and a half meters. It attracts people who do not like to establish any small and intensive source of heat in the house.

However if you resolved that not to do you without heat-insulated floors in any way, then you have to know that in this invention of mankind there are advantages and the shortcomings. And to you, and nobody else, it is necessary to choose a type of heating. Pipes with hot water? Or the heating electric cables?

In the first case it is enough to bring pipes to system of a central heating. But it, on the other hand, does not allow to regulate temperature. To everything, such way depends on pressure in system. Also it can turn out so that it will not be enough to pump over pipes.

In the second case it is necessary to install system of electroheating, without paying at the same time attention to whether there is in the house a heating or not. And that pleases many, temperature can be regulated. For this purpose also the temperature regulator is provided. Let`s note that it is possible even to program work of a clever floor. In that case unnecessary expenditure of electricity manage to be avoided. And the special protection device will allow to ensure safety in case of any accident or even failures in network functioning. People who are afraid of electricity and therefore do not wish to touch the socket, appreciate it most of all.

And here in comparison with steam heating the electric system unambiguously ruins a floor covering. It is deformed from - for the fact that the electric system very quickly warms up a floor. If all - seems to you preferable the second option, then you have to remember also that the electricity costs much to the consumer now and is in the habit to rise in price still over time.

It is more expedient to do heated floors first of all in new apartments. It is even better when in it did not start finishing. Business it, generally troublesome, demands skill. In its all subtleties to you as to the customer, it is not necessary to penetrate. But which - what details you have to consider. Let`s tell, do not forget that the parquet demands compatibility with system of heating. The maple and a beech in this sense give many problems.

Well, and, at last, we approached the most important question for the consumer: to the prices. They, clear, fluctuate in the market. But the system of electric heating of a floor on kitchen with a total area of six square meters on average costs 200 - 250 US dollars. You pay such sum for a cable, an assembly tape, the regulator and the sensor. About seventy more green it is necessary to pay for work on installation.

The cost of water system is determined in many respects by a type of pipes. According to experts, on average on one square meter of the area no more than nine running meters of pipes are required. If one running meter of metalplastic pipes costs 35 rubles, then for one meter of polypropylene pipes it is necessary to lay out already not less than 55 - ti rubles. For installation of one square meter of such system it is necessary to facilitate a purse for the sum to thirty US dollars. To save on such works usually nobody advises. Your amateur performance can cost considerably dearer.]