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Why my child not such, how all?

Inability to concentrate, inability to be attentive, the irascibility adjoining on cruelty, - even more often we see children for whom such manifestations became a norm. Hyperactivity - we found suitable definition to a problem. Now she can and be treated. Having replaced elenium with Ritalinum, we moved to approach to own children, seeking not to miss the moment right at the beginning, not to allow to develop, suppress and win. But whether it is possible here so, tablets to win against this illness ? Fighting against its symptoms, but not against the reason? Whether and illness it?

Remember, before such children there were units, they were declared - you only ponder! - lagging behind in development, locked in special boarding schools, and the issue thus was resolved by itself: out of sight, out of mind, and we continue to walk surely in bright future. Today, when the problem accepted the menacing sizes (by some estimates, from a syndrome of deficiency of attention and a hyperactivity about 20 percent of children aged from 6 till 16 years suffer), and places in special boarding schools ceased to be enough, the hyperactivity was decided to be declared an illness. However, not all.

For example, psychiatrist Sidney Walker of III, author of the book Drop of common sense considers that a hyperactivity - not an illness, and criminal falsification of the doctors who are not knowing about what really happens to children . But most of doctors frightens us by awful consequences of this syndrome - up to violation of mental capacities and development of tendency to drug addiction and crime. Conclusions from this are assumed by obvious: you will not listen to us now - do not call to the aid subsequently when you are plundered, killed and forced. Are guilty, we warned you. And already the conveyor at full capacity is started, making preparations, overwhelming, and often just mutilating a young organism.

Actually, raised (hyper - as it is accepted to call it today) activity of youth - any not a hyperactivity. This natural state of the generation which came to the following stage of development of desire to receive pleasures. In a cabbala all this speaks very simply and well. At the heart of all our actions - what we would not do! - the desire to feel in itself pleasant filling which weak manifestation we call pleasure, and strong - pleasure lies. And all life we unconsciously though sometimes and consciously, we look for the greatest filling, seeking to spend at the same time a minimum of efforts.

The present generation in this plan differs in nothing from previous. Having received bigger desire since the birth, it rejects filling of last level (by the way, thereby generating a notorious generation gap) because it cannot just derive pleasure that it charmed their parents. This desire to be filled, more powerful in comparison with parental, also forces them to be much more active searching. They need everything, here and now. To spend years for achievement of some long-term goals - not for them. From here their restlessness, irascibility and impatience. They are just shown in our children with a bigger force today.

Generally, all these qualities were inherent in youth at all times. And at all times parents for some reason were not tired to be surprised to dissimilarity on them younger generation. Yes - and, we in your time were others! - perhaps, there is no person who at least once in life did not hear it from seniors. So always was, is and will be. And still there is in the present younger generation one feature which cardinally distinguishes it from all others.

Our children look for a way of development in themselves the " level more and more persistently; person . Filling lower, so-called, animal - money, glory, knowledge - them cannot satisfy level in principle. And as the senior generation of other cannot provide to children, they are protected from it by all means which are available for them. So far it occurs unconsciously and looks as display of an illness, but time when their question is formulated accurately will come, and they will come to us, adults, with the requirement of it to answer. And here then it would be very desirable for us to have at least the approximate answer on it.

Today we still have time to cease to do of our children of patients, to stop stuffing them with Ritalinum and to be engaged in search of the correct approach both to education, and to education, and in general to life. And life will help us with it.]