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Whether the prince Alexander Nevsky Knew the bible ?

Dear contemporaries! World to you. Very known on a global scale both worthy husband Saint and wise savior Otechestva, prince, commander and diplomat, favourite of clergy Alexander Nevsky. During the gloomy Middle Ages are brightly allocated acts of the St. blessed grand duke who.... gained valor belief and the affairs, having glorified God.

The educated clergy surrounded the prince, jealously bearing Christ Redeemer`s cross, opening monasteries and churches on open spaces of Russian lands. In principalities it was given special attention to development of a world view of young princes. In - the first, it was the church and church life. Since the earliest years princes daily went to an early mass and to all other church services. All life of a princely family was defined by a circle of church services. The church grandeur was the main care. All beauty of life concentrated in church. Therefore and for the young prince the church was the first revelation of other world differing from all surrounding life. Zanezhe Tserkov will be named the terrestrial sky - this feeling of church peculiar to all ancient Russia was included into consciousness since early years. All external situation of church - beauty of the temple and icons, the burning candles and icon lamps, vestments, the smoked incense - was for a knyazhich the brightest impression of the childhood. The subsequent education did not destroy this first children`s impression. Knyazhich was trained in the letter and the diploma according to the Bible and Psaltiri. He constantly heard lives of Saints.

Old Russian writing specifies how bible world was real for Russia. On ancient icons of an event of Shabby and New Precepts are represented against the Russian cities and the Russian nature.

Also the Russian world view was same. In it there was no life separation from the Bible. At emergence something unclear and new ancient Russia tried to find an explanation in the Writing. So, for example, it is unknown from where the come Tatars were for Russia the bible people which left from Efrovskiya`s deserts, their zagn tamo (judge) Gideon . See net. ua/work/det - 10571. html

In very disturbing time, dissociation of Russia, during Tatar - a mongolsey yoke... In this terrible hour the Divine Providence erected on rescue of Russia of the Saint prince Alexander - the great soldier - the prayer book, the devotee and the builder of the Russian land.

the Famous historian N. I. Kostomarov notes valor of a team of the prince on Ice slaughter . Having taken away the approaching enemies, Alexander raised hands up and loudly told: Judge, My God, my dispute with these haughty people! Fight was persistent and cruel. With a crash broke a spear. Ice flushed with blood and burst in places. Many sank. With a celebration Alexander came back to the freed Pskov. Near a horse it was conducted notable knights, behind it drove crowd of simple prisoners. Towards to it there was a clergy. The people welcomed the winner joyful cliques .

See magister. Moscow time. ru/library/history/kostomar/kostom08. htm

I prayed constantly its army and therefore the Lord also blessed blessed with the grace! From other source... Both armies agreed on April 5, 1242 On ice of Lake Chudskoye. Having upraised hands to the sky, Saint Alexander prayed: Judge me, My God, and judge raspryu mine with the people eloquent and help me, My God, as to a drevla to Moisey...!, it was necessary mildness of a pigeon and wisdom of a snake . And the prince showed it!

The sacred Writing radiates God`s truth, speaking: Living under God`s shelter in the shadow of the Almighty is based, speaks to the Lord: my shelter and my protection, my God for Whom I hope!

It will relieve you of the hunter`s network, of a disastrous ulcer, will dawn the feathers on you, and under his wings will be safe; a board and a protection - its truth . (Ps. 90:1 - 4).

On the 44th year of the life, coming back from 4 - oh expeditions from the Mongolian khan... without reaching to Vladimir, in Gorodtsa, in the monastery the prince - the devotee betrayed the spirit to the Lord on November 14, 1263, a zavershivmnogotrudny course of life acceptance the Saint of an inochesky skhima with a name Alexy. The sacred body it was incurred to Vladimir, nine days the way lasted, and the body remained imperishable. On November 23 at his burial in Nativity Monastery in Vladimir, it was shown by God the miracle is marvelous and memories is worthy . Something unusual came true.

Here is how it occurred. With great respect which the metropolitan Kirill had to the blessed prince the confessor and the associate in service of the Saint prince, told in a funeral oration: Know, children washing, a yak the sun of the earth Suzdal already set. There will be no such prince in the Russian land more .

When Saint Alexander`s body in cancer was necessary, the house-keeper Sevastian and the metropolitan Kirill wanted to unclench to it a hand to enclose the parting spiritual testament. The Saint prince, as live, stretched a hand and took the diploma from the metropolitan`s hands. Also the horror embraced them, and hardly receded from its tomb. Who will not be surprised to if it was dead and the body was brought from far away to winter time . So God of the flatterer - the Saint soldier - the prince Alexander Nevsky glorified.

General church glorification of Saint Alexander Nevsky was made at the metropolitan Makari on the Moscow Cathedral of 1547. The canon to the Saint is made then by the Vladimir monk Mikhail . See pravoslavie. ru/Life/life6392. htm

Grateful descendants remarkably immortalized a name of the hero, having built

to it sculptural and architectural monuments, chapels, churches and monasteries, streets, the areas, awards and medals. And the name of the defender of boundaries of Russia and the patron of soldiers glorified orthodox clergy far outside our Homeland.]