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How to choose mailing for the publication of advertizing in it? - part 2

Second. How actually to choose mailing for placement in it the infa of any character (advertizing, article, a press - release)?.

For a start, it is necessary to visit any service of mailings. We will be guided on free (for example, subscribe. ru): in - the first, on them there is a catalog of mailings (with search in it), in - the second, full statistics, and always open.

One more nuance - the most popular mailings are, as a rule, duplicated on different free servers so to complete the picture, pay attention to it.

Just in case (for those who “ in the " tank;) I will remind addresses of the most popular free mail services, having in passing given couple of personal comments to them:

subscribe. ru

my favourite service, perhaps, one of the most convenient both for search of mailings, and for the publication of own materials on it.


It seems that service, most popular in the RuNet. As a rule, the most hit mailings or are issued from it, or on it are duplicated. So, in principle, without special losses in statistics, it is possible to be engaged in search only on this server.


One more service, from well-known a hosting - AGABUS provider. In principle, I cannot tell anything special about it. Only one moment - noticed recently very obvious tendency of owners of mailings to issue the fresh numbers from this server. The reasons of this tendency for me remain a riddle today, but the fact is the fact.

However, to be fair, especially for future authors of mailings I will note that if your mailing has commercial character (or the Internet - to business is related to yours) you should not release it from the free server at all. Those kopeks which are necessary on payment of a monthly fee on, say, Smart Responder’e it is just silly “ to clamp “. However, on these a subject in the RuNet already pisano - it is rewritten and now not about that.

Well, dealt with the rassylochny server what`s next?

A everything is very simple - with the help “ search “ or “ " catalog; we look for mailings, we study information on them, we analyze and we compare.

On what, first of all, to pay attention?

The first and, probably, the most important - date of the last release. Here everything is simple and clear - to be published in the mailings which were coming out more than 1 - 2 months ago it is not recommended.

The second. Number of subscribers. If it is less than 1500 - in this mailing it is better to forget about paid advertizing. At least temporarily. Of course, free article or something there yet to publish never will damage, but nevertheless pay to this indicator attention in the second turn.

Farther on a formation - frequency of an exit of mailing. Two times more rare - three weeks are undesirable. A minimum - month.

At the same time, the following indicator - the content of mailing is very important.

In other words, content placed in it. There is very important feature - what more it is (content) qualitative and than less offers in mailing releases, especially are loyally adjusted subscribers and is much more favorable, than usually, will apprehend yours “ direct and impudent advertizing “;) What you will not tell about authors of these mailings: they as I already told, are VERY anxious with quality of the materials published in mailing. Otherwise, they - mailings - would not be so popular.

Besides, this indicator is very strongly connected with the following - dynamics of number of subscribers. Here everything is as clear as day - negative indicators speak only about one - the materials published in mailing it is enough - poor quality, and especially do not cause interest in readers.

At the same time positive dynamics is very important. In - the first, it demonstrates that, perhaps, mailing materials so are pleasant to readers and they recommend mailing by the acquaintance. In - the second, very many people, before a subscription, attentively study archive of mailing - so, will come across also your advertizing.

Agree, not bad! Here in principle and everything that you need to know.

I will add only that advertizing in mailings rather effective and working way of promotion of the website, or increase of sales of any goods.

Well that, good luck to you, dear reader, and … see you soon.

Author: Nikita Korolyov is the author and the leader free the Internet - mailings on information business in a network - CyberZarabotok. ru

Nikita Korolyov, CyberZarabotok. the Author considers ru

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