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How to choose mailing for the publication of advertizing in it? - part 1

Advertising in others mailings - undoubtedly one of the most favorable ways of investment of capital, prenaznachenny for promotion. Let`s leave consideration of all benefits of this way beyond the scope of this article, and we will better learn to choose with an accuracy of a shot of the sniper most profitable from mailings, for the purpose of placement of advertizing in them

First that you have to remember is that the subject of the mailing not necessarily has to be for 100% identical with a subject of your information product, goods, service or service (which we, actually, and we will advertize).

In - the first, it meets not so often. At least, much less than mailings with subjects adjacent, but are much more better. We will talk about how to define quality of mailing a bit later for now remember - you are interested not in a subject of the chosen mailing, and what CAN be interesting to her readers.

Eventually, your advertizing will be read by subscribers of this mailing so anyway be guided by them.

In - the second, it is enough - often it is necessary to you to use cunning to catch permission from the author of mailing to the publication of advertizing (as a rule - on a commercial basis), or article and other free content (here as agree).

I mean that owners rather popular the Internet - mailings, as a rule are spoiled the most different offers from advertisers. So sometimes there is a reason to look for less known, but high-quality mailings with others, more - less intelligent leaders.

Usually owners of popular and readable mailings care for quality of releases extremely therefore if you offer them rather cool material - they without questions will place it with themselves.

Author: Nikita Korolyov is the author and the leader free the Internet - mailings on information business in a network - CyberZarabotok. ru]