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Why English does not study?

I will warn At once: about what the speech in this article - not panacea, but only one of the possible reasons that you studied English will go - taught and did not learn.

You never reflected why it is so heavy to person to learn nonnative language? Or why one on life are more successful, than others? Talent? Predisposition? Gena? Ability to development of languages? All this sounds as very weighty arguments.

But let`s look, - what is language? Language is only definitely the placed and sounding words. But the purpose they are to inform of thought the interlocutor. That`s all that it is necessary to know well about language right at the beginning.

Now let`s look at our language abilities. May you express the thoughts in the native language? Let`s take as native - Russian. If you answered positively then about any inability the speech also cannot be. What happens to English why then it is not acquired? You think only because you do not live in the language environment? Not always it is the reason. Many jokes and parables about the Russians who are living in Canada, America and other countries, but not speaking in English go. The second why we will not begin to continue to complain on Wednesday is that let we are faced by a task: to learn language as other Russians learned, namely - without leaving the country. And having learned - it is possible and to go. To be improved.

So, abilities at you are, we will not begin to consider lack of an environment from British / Americans as a good reason of difficulties with development of language. We will lay such reasons as restlessness, laziness, lack of time or finance aside too. Let`s consider a case when the person rests in invisible intangible the reason, that is when efforts are made sufficient, and the result does not hurry to be shown.

This reason can seem to you absolutely ridiculous, but practice shows that it is very big obstacle in a way to knowledge of English. The reason is that you insufficiently well understand grammatical terms of the native language. As you studied foreign at school, with the tutor, on courses? Practically from the first lessons you began to study grammar! And for what the grammar is necessary in what its essence, sense, a task? Only in that a certain way to unite words for transfer of a certain thought.

How teachers usually explain grammar? Yes exactly the same as it sounds in textbooks! Attention! Further the quote which you can not read if you are not a pro in the English grammar will follow. Besides, I really do not recommend to you to read this quote if you do not want to get a headache, to lose interest in article or in studying of English per se, to receive any other non-optimal reactions. It is only one paragraph from the textbook of grammar.

Modal verbs to which can belong of may, must show the attitude speaking to the action expressed by a notional verb (an opportunity, ability, need of commission of action). In English modal verbs often call insufficient as at them does not get all those forms which are had at other verbs. So, the verbs can and may have no form of future time, the verb must has only the present form. In 3 - m the person of singular of the present modal verbs do not accept the termination - s. And so on in the same vein. Whether added to you this definition of understanding of English? Most likely, in this definition simply there are words (grammatical terms) which you not quite accurately understand.

From what it would be worth beginning studying of foreign - so it with the fact that properly to understand grammar and terminology of the native language. What is the noun and what it differs from a subject in? What is " form; and as to understand it - verb " form;? Just take the good explanatory dictionary or the simple textbook of grammar (it is possible even Russian for foreigners where all terminology speaks extremely simply) and clear (bring to absolutely clear, clear, full understanding) all words. If you were going to learn English in the classical way (having started studying of grammar practically from the first lessons), you need to make it to avoid an excess headache at lessons of English and too long chain of the begun and interrupted training cycles.

It is possible to go and some other way: it is possible to study English as learned native. To start anew to speak, and then to approach studying of grammar of language (if there is such need in it). You can get acquainted with a technique of such training, having visited the free introduction lessons English course English as a Second Language in groups and the centers of Applied Education in the CIS or in the world. To the word - in Moscow all December New Year`s discounts for payment of a course work. Therefore if you decided to change life in new year - come to study English!

Actually, the essence of this article consists that 1) you are capable to learn language, 2) you need just to understand those words which say to you including in Russian! Language - it is simple if you understand for what it is created what consists of and that to you prevents to learn it!]