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Healthy sleep - the key to success!

At each person in life happen such days when instead of the put 7 - 8 hours a day it is necessary to sleep 4 or 5 hours. Awakening after so short dream - business heavy and ungrateful, equally badly influencing, both on health and on efficiency of the person in time wakefulnesses.

I will share the experience in this article also knowledge of how to improve quality of the dream and at the same time to leave former its quantity.

The first that it is necessary to try - of the technician of a relaxation which is actively applied by yogas. You cannot find more detailed illumination of this subject in the Internet, and now I will tell only that thanks to this way in only 10 - 15 minutes it is possible to relax the majority of muscles of the body to such state in which you cease to feel own body.

By scientists it is proved that filling up in completely weakened state, you get enough sleep better than when the person just closes eyes and it is chopped off . During a relaxation there is a cleaning of your brain of the information garbage which is saved up in a day. Thus, you enter a dream already prepared.

By preparation for a dream easy ten-minute self-massage with the weakening essential oils - a fine way to relax and be prepared for a dream is irreplaceable. The stroking movements mass face skin and necks, then extremities in the direction from finger-tips to a trunk.

It is possible to ask about it your partner. In this case tenderness and feeling of psychological comfort will strengthen effect of massage. It is the best way to relax completely as morally and physically.

Also it is necessary to pay attention to surrounding situation , namely to silence and ambient temperature in a bedroom. At a dream the ideal silence without which the normal dream is impossible has to be observed.

Ambient temperature also costs not on the last place on the importance. On cold you get enough sleep worse than in heat. However to you it is worth to remember to air surely before a dream the room, but for the night to close windows if behind a window it is cold. Thus it is important that in the room it was not stuffy. It is ideally better to sleep in the cool room, but under a warm blanket.

Quality of bed linen also plays not the last role in the course of a dream. It has to be always fresh, pure and not cause any discomfort. The pillow has to be obligatory high and soft, inflow of blood to the head of a dream depends in time on this circumstance.

Shower for the night is one more of factors of a good dream. The shower has to be obligatory for

warm - it promotes calm and relaxation that in turn well influences a dream. Taking a shower you clean pores through which skin breathes. And timely intake of oxygen as well as possible affects quality of a dream.

Food . To sleep with the filled stomach extremely irrationally - your organism spends the mass of forces on for digesting that at you in a stomach instead of restoring an organism. Therefore it is better to lay down a little hungry, than fatally eaten too much.

Once again - you do not eat before going to bed! In 5 hours prior to a dream of anything heavy. The only thing that it is possible to dare it to drink tea, to eat salatik or still something easy. Generally food before a dream - the evil, and perhaps, the paramount reason of emergence of the hanging-down sides and cellulitis.

Are also before going to bed extremely useful to of walk in the fresh air . Only be not overzealous! Walk, but in any way not jog or other tiring occupation. I will Well be tired - I will quicker fall asleep - it is not argument. Sport disperses " blood; it is also necessary to calm down at first before going to bed, differently you will not fall asleep instantly.

So, here to you 6 components of a good dream:

1. Relaxation. Massage.

2. Silence and rest in a bedroom.

3. Convenient bed and fresh, fresh bed linen.

4. The aired room and a warm blanket.

5. Absence in a dinner of heavy, difficult usvoyaemy food.

6. Walk in the fresh air before going to bed.

7. A warm shower and a glass of hot milk for the night.

That`s all that you should know about a healthy sleep. Dare!]