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What to do with problem backbone?

of Pain in a backbone (Russia traditionally is called osteochondrosis ) consider as one of the main diseases of a civilization, and in it there is a grain of truth. Not the last role in their emergence is played by bipedalism, the refined (denatured) food, an inactive way of life, a soft bed, excess loadings. And, as true children of a civilization, all of us usually try to alleviate the suffering by means of medicinal substances ( to eat the tablet ) .

Violation of mobility of a backbone causes changes of function of internals, muscles, joints, and only restoration of normal movements in it can correct it. Introduction in an organism of medicinal substance can aggravate an imbalance in an organism and instead of simplification sometimes brings a bigger suffering. Besides, the medicines used for treatment of pains have a set of collateral properties and contraindications. Therefore, recognizing importance of drugs and even surgeries, it is better to begin with non-drug methods of treatment: massage, manual therapy, reflexotherapy, travolecheniye, remedial gymnastics, diet. A little in more detail about each of them.

Massage - most often manual, is more rare - hardware impact on muscles. In medicine medical and improving massage, Medical massage is used, in turn happens classical, dot, is reflex - segmentary. At treatment of osteochondrosis usually classical massage is used. With its help painful spasms of muscles are liquidated, congestions of lactic salts resolve, blood supply of soft fabrics improves. The session of massage takes 20 min. till 1,5 o`clock. In the first 2 - 3 sessions this procedure is a little painful, and in a stage of an aggravation it is not recommended to be done at all.

Manual therapy (chiropractic) is a method of manual restoration of normal ratios between vertebras, eliminations of the so-called functional block. Two main directions of manual therapy are known. The first method consists in work of the directed blows and pressing, establishing vertebras into place. The second method provides the normal movements of a backbone which are carried out due to effort of the doctor with a bigger amplitude.

In my opinion, first method more physiologic and safe. Manual therapy has to be carried out only by the qualified specialist! Never allow to set a backbone to people without vocational education. Manual therapy is contraindicated to patients with intervertebral hernias.

Reflexotherapy - group of methods of impact on biologically active points of a body. Are widely known: acupuncture, acupressure, SU - Jock therapy, cauterizations. This influence normalizes vegetative reactions of an organism, improves blood supply, functions of internals.

Travolecheny knows from time immemorial. For treatment of osteochondrosis reception of broths and infusions of medicinal herbs inside and external application is used: lotions and infusions. Internal reception has the clearing, anti-inflammatory effect. Lotions and compresses from herbs have anti-inflammatory, stimulate the anesthetic improving blood circulation action, restoration of nervous conductivity or relax muscles.

Remedial gymnastics restores mobility of a backbone and joints, develops muscles, providing their support, stimulates a metabolism.

Advantage of a diet with the low content of salt, sugar and restriction of amount of liquid - normalization of a metabolism, restoration of normal structure of fabrics.

So it is possible to find all in non-drug methods necessary for full and correct treatment of diseases of a backbone and joints. And joint, complex influence is more preferable than them. Their advantage in absence or a minimum of contraindications and side effects.

Yes, non-drug methods - it is soft and eco-friendly . And what to do if there is no opportunity to address the professional massage therapist or the manual therapist? There are several councils how to achieve such results independently.

1. Use ointments. For of warming up of muscles - on the basis of bee and snake sting, hot pepper. Mentolosoderzhashchy ointments have the cooling effect and are applied by to grindings at pains . Anti-inflammatory ointments: butadionovy, indometatsinovy, voltarenovy (trade names much) it is better to use for treatment of articulate pains, strictly on doctor`s orders and taking into account contraindications.

2. Pound a back with use of house means : a gruel compress from a black radish, juice of a black radish - 1 glass plus honey 1 glass, gruel from leaves of horse-radish and (or) cabbage (do not go too far!) .

3. Try to become more flexible. the Wrong pose, tight muscles - all this does not allow a body to move freely, leads to damage and pain. Special exercises on an extension or occupations by yoga will help, thaw chi, Pilates, swimming, water aerobics. In total - it is strictly dosed, it is not necessary to set up records, our purpose - only restoration and improvement!

4. Strengthen muscles. Training has to develop all muscles, especially abdominal tension, muscles of a back, hips, a basin. Strong muscles of hips and hands will allow you to squat, lift and transfer heavy objects without harm for a backbone. Devote to loadings (walking, run, swimming) at least 20 minutes 3 times a week. It not only will make you more hardy, still physical exercises help to struggle with a stress, are useful to heart, improve blood supply of muscles of a back and backbone, stabilize work of mentality.

5. Pay attention to the pose. When long you sit at a table or driving, do breaks each 15 - 30 minutes, move, stretch. Pick up a chair with the back which is conveniently supporting a waist. Stand directly. Raise the head, straighten shoulders, pull in a stomach. Try not to stand long in one pose. When you push a heavy door, move so that the main loading fell on legs, but not on a back. If you have to lift weights, bend hips and knees, try not to bend a backbone, strain press muscles. When you bear a heavy thing, you hold it as it is possible closer to a body. Avoid, whenever possible, carrying weights on the one hand.

6. Choose a rigid mattress, the bed should not cave in too. Try to sleep in a pose which allows to keep a natural bend of a backbone.

7. Warm muscles before physical activity, sports activities. It considerably will reduce probability of getting injured.

8. Lead a healthy lifestyle, control weight. Obesity abuse of alcohol and smoking promote emergence of problems with a backbone.

Improving health, you improve quality of the life in general. ]