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You are sure that you are sure? You just are mistaken! Part 3. Food.

ALCOHOL. Alcohol warms.

After we unexpectedly found positive properties of alcohol, time to pay attention to that its quality which to it willingly is attributed by well-wishers and which it actually does not possess came. Even if after a kind glass of the hot grog accepted in cold January evening we begin to believe in the warming qualities of alcohol, actually it not so - alcohol does not warm a body. However, subjectively we feel heat which so pleasantly extends from a stomach on all body. But there is a following - alcohol expands the blood vessels which are settling down closer to a body surface, blood directs there and is cooled therefore body temperature falls. Thus, in a hard frost alcohol can be the reason of frostbites.

ORANGE JUICE. The best orange juice - from just squeezed out orange.

is Considered that the most useful juice is received from just squeezed out orange (a lemon, grapefruit). Meanwhile it is not obligatory so. The matter is that the best producers establish the of the press for juice squeezing directly near orange plantations. The juice received at the same time is absolutely fresh and full and reaches the consumer, without losing anything neither in taste, nor in vitamins. Oranges which we receive in Europe could arrive from far away. They are torn unripe and they ripen on the way, and sometimes at the same time chemicals are used. So the juice which is squeezed out of such orange it is not is obligatory better than what is on sale in packages.

The BUCKWHEAT the Buckwheat - cereal culture. b do not have

, the buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) belongs to family gortsevy, but not cereals. Though fruits of this plant - buckwheat - use for preparation of porridge or flour (is more rare - bread), the buckwheat cannot be ranked in any way as cereals which are included into family of herbs.

CHEWING GUM. Chewing gum came from America. Already ancient Greeks put

in a mouth and chewed pitch of a mastic tree (or a pistachio tree). Pitch they brushed teeth and supported a pleasant smell in a mouth. The American Indians chewed pine pitch. The thickened juice of a sapotillovy tree on the basis of which the majority of modern types of chewing gum is made was known long ago to ancient Maya from which custom to chew it the first white colonists adopted.

GINSENG. The root of a ginseng keeps youth.

Unfortunately, the ginseng has the miracle influence only in advertizing. Sometime it comes at everyone. Suddenly we notice that all not as was earlier. Do not become dejected! Also begin to absorb expensive root of a ginseng in perhaps large numbers. a ginseng - a miracle source of physical and mental capacities . The modern pharmacology disproves this legend - a ginseng not better than hundreds of other natural backs and herbs. Its popularity - an advertizing ingenuity product.

PRESERVATIVES. Artificial preservatives it is worse, than natural means of preservation.
This point of view only those who sincerely believe that before people died from cancer less can divide

. Truth only that earlier people in general died at earlier age therefore cancer (as an illness of mainly senior generation) affected the smaller number of the population.

MILK. Addition of milk in a bathtub does skin elastic and elastic.

As if we were assured of it by Cleopatra and Sophia Loren, the milk poured in a bathtub does not do skin softer. Perhaps, water is also softened, but our skin, alas, is not present.

CARROTS. Carrots are useful to eyes.

Carrots contain carotene, the substance which is a vitamin A source and as the person with deficiency of vitamin A badly sees in the twilight (in complete darkness nothing is visible even to the person who ate the whole handful of vitamin A), carrots are considered excellent means from a poor eyesight. Actually vitamins have with sight nothing in common (except for the described situation). And if you so often have to look narrowly at something in twilight, then normal food has to be enough quite, in our food of vitamin A there is quite enough

VEGETABLES. After vegetables it is undesirable to drink.

As can often be heard from careful mummy: The Kid, you already ate apple, do not drink a lot of water, and that the tummy will ache . Opinion absolutely unscientific. According to experts from Institute of food, water quite peacefully gets on with fruit. Meanwhile some explanation for a widespread prejudice everything is it is possible to find. The matter is that earlier people drank the crude unboiled water in which there were many microorganisms. These bacteria began to roam under the influence of fruit juice in a stomach why there were gripes in a stomach and a diarrhea. Water in a modern water supply system is well purified so also there is no danger any more.

CHEESE. Mice very much love cheese.

of the Mouse love a lot of things - oil, oat flakes, chocolate, ham, in general everything that they can find in kitchen. Zoologists did not find any special addiction of mice to cheese. Probably, stories about the mice loving cheese arose because that earlier cheese was left on the open place in kitchen and in the storeroom, and it - that also made the main production of hungry rodents.

GARLIC. Garlic cleans blood vessels. Honor with

all wonder-working properties of garlic about which speak very much, treat realm of fancy. Garlic does not clean blood vessels, it is not capable to prevent calcification of arteries, it does not allow to keep also in old age youthful flexibility and excellent mental capacities as advertizing claims. What garlic really can? In very high doses as it was shown, it reduces cholesterol level at rats and rabbits, so, can help also people if excess of cholesterol is really responsible for heart attacks. In experiments it was shown also that one of active ingredients of garlic - substance anitsillin - kills some bacteria - fungi. It is more any of those, allegedly remarkable, than properties of garlic which allow the person to keep Caucasian longevity it is not revealed. Garlic does not treat either plague, or cancer, or skin diseases. Various legends still attribute it wonderful properties. For example, in the Scandinavian countries of the milkwoman before milking a cow, lower hands in water with garlick solution to frighten off evil spirits. In advertizing it is possible to meet also a mention that ancient Romans and Greeks used garlic as impotence medicine or madnesses. But you never know medical superstitions was at Romans - they and the liver was considered for the motor which drives blood on a body, and sweat considered as a by-product of digestion


CHOCOLATE. Chocolate is harmful to teeth.

As is shown by the research executed by scientists of Massachusetts Institute of Technology also the fact that chocolate is harmful to teeth is incorrect. Cocoa powder which was added to food an animal, did not cause caries. Moreover, it slowed down developing of this illness rather at addition to substances which are kariyesogenny.]