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You are sure that you are sure? You just are mistaken! Part 2. People.

of ASTERIKS. Asteriks and Obeliks braided hair in braids.

at the time of the Roman gain of Gallia to which the famous comics about Asteriks belong Gauls moistened the hair with something like gel from the impregnated water lime that they looked even more white and fat. They combed hair back, but at the same time did not weave any braids.

HIPPOCRATES. The Hippocratic Oath aims to protect the patient.

So-called Hippocratic Oath does not belong to Hippocrates at all and it is said in it at all not that we think. When Hippocrates, the famous doctor of antiquity, died in 377 till Christmas, such oath was not trace and. As well as many other things, attributed it this oath in the latest editions of its works - probably to give them additional weight. And the text is understood today incorrectly. The modern version of an oath, the so-called Medical precept published in 1848 in Geneva lowers big pieces of a source text. Along with the thesis about observance of medical secret and care of the patient ( My foremost task - to restore and keep health of my patients... etc.) in a Hippocratic Oath there are passages which are directed not so much to care of the patient, how many to protection of interests of doctors, for example: I will impart the knowledge of medicine only to my sons, sons of my teachers and officially registered students, and it is more to nobody . In this initial medieval text intention whenever possible to lay off number of doctors, that is competitors unambiguously is found. In some versions of an ancient Hippocratic Oath it is mentioned that the doctor has to give free of charge help to colleagues and their families, that is again - it is about advantage for representatives of a medical profession, but not everyone.

GALILEI. And all - it spins!.

Galilei never said such words. We do not find them neither in protocols of inquisition, nor in letters Galilee, nor in any others modern to it written sources. For the first time we find a mention of these historical words in notorious for the inaccuracies References ( Querelles Litteraires ) the abbot Irelli who, seemingly, just thought up them. Extraordinary popularity of these words is explained by the fact that in them the triumphing confidence in a victory over Catholic church is expressed, and Galilei looks a martyr for justice.

CLEOPATRA. Cleopatra was picture of beauty.

Such antique historians as Cassius Dio who characterized Cleopatra as the most beautiful of the women who were ever living on the earth in eyes never saw object of the admiration (Cassius Dio was born much later death of the Egyptian queen). Actually Cleopatra was not especially beautiful, in any case if to put to her present criteria of beauties - models. It had too long nose, and in general it was rather majestic, than beautiful as the remained Cleopatra`s images testify. As for its progress at men among whom such brilliant persons as Caesar and Mark Anthony are known to us, most likely here a role was played by charm and Cleopatra`s mind. By the way, she was not Egyptian. It treated an imperial sort Ptolemeev who died away together with Cleopatra when she committed suicide after defeat at Aktsium and Mark Anthony`s death. And Ptolemaeus left Macedonia.

LUCIFER. The Lucifer - one of names of a devil.

the Name the Lucifer does not occur in the Bible anywhere. In antiquity the word Lucifer used as the name of a morning star - the planet Venus. Nothing devil at the same time was meant. Perhaps, the word it began to be understood in the present sense from - for the Gospel from Isaiah where in relation to the Babylon tsar it is told: You came on a silver platter, you are the sparkling son of a morning dawn. You fell to the ground, the master of the people . Later fathers of church saw in it a hint on true Satan. The following ratio turned out: Satan = tsar Babylon = son of a morning dawn = morning star = Lucifer.

MARK TWAIN. Mark Twain - an original pseudonym of the author Tom Sawyer and Geklberri Fynn .

World famous author Tom Sawyer did not invent the pseudonym. To it there was already certain Mark Twain, the pilot whose real name was Isaiah Seller. Under the name Mark Twain Seller published stories from navigation history across Mississippi. At one time Samuel Clemens (a real name of the author who is so loved by all) was engaged in parodies to Mark Twain in the newspaper. Probably, they cut the graphomaniac to the quick, and he ceased to write. Perhaps, Mark Twain solved, as if to restore his reputation and took a literary pseudonym of the victim.

MONA LISA. Mona Lisa in the Parisian Louvre is Mona Lisa Gioconda.

Mona Lisa who was drawn by Leonardo da Vinci, - at all not a portrait of Mona Lisa Gioconda. As most of modern art critics believes, on a portrait the duchess Isabella Aragonskaya, the granddaughter of the Neapolitan king and the widow of the duke Milan which, as well as Leonardo, lived in the end of the 15th century at the Milan yard is represented. Present, and as we already know, the picture received the wrong name from the Italian historian of painting Vazari who in 1550, in 30 years after Leonardo`s death, for the first time reported that da Vinci drew the portrait of the wife of the merchant Francesco del Gioconde belonging now to the king of France. Vazari claimed that this portrait is written so expressively that any artist even does not dare to dream to create ever something similar. Really, Leonardo painted a portrait of the merchant to del Gioconda (this picture is lost now) or maybe a portrait of his beauty of the wife, but also this picture is lost. In any case, it is not identical to Mona Lisa from Louvre.

MOZART. 1. Mozart was called Wolfgang Amadeus. 2. Mozart carried a braid, similar drawn on packing of the well-known candies.

1. At a baptism Mozart was named Johann Hrizostom Wolfgang Teofil. Greek Teofil in German means Gottlieb and in Latin - Amadeus (that is loving God ) . From all three options Amadeus is best of all aurally is perceived. Mozart to himself also chose this name.

2. Who does not know well-known Motsartova balls - magnificent candies which import from Austria. On a cover of a box Mozart with a braid from - under hats is always represented. However at the time of Mozart there were neither braids, nor these candies. Such thick braids of the woman began to carry somewhere at a boundary of our century. Mozart wore a short white wig with a thin braid as soldiers of Prussian or French armies.

FRANKENSTEIN. Frankenstein was a monster.

Yes anything similar. Frankenstein is the character of a novel of the same name of Mary Shelley - was the young and very nice student studying mathematics and natural sciences at university of the city of Ingolstadt. The artificial person created by Frankenstein was a monster. Just for many years, passed since writing of the novel, a difference between the concepts Frankenstein`s monster and Frankenstein is the monster it was erased.

EINSTEIN. Einstein got the Nobel Prize on physics for the Theory of relativity.

Albert Einstein got the Nobel Prize on physics in 1921 not for the Theory of relativity which it published for 16 years earlier, and for works on so-called photoeffect. He got an award for a year later (in 1922) together with the Danish physicist Niels Bohr.]