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You are sure that you are sure? You just are mistaken! Part 1. Cities and countries.

Turn out that very often we are in captivity of incorrect representations, false conclusions, false truth. Below I want to give to you several incorrect beliefs of mankind.

ENGLAND. In England often there are rains.

In London in a year has 590 millimeters of rainfall, in Rome - 760, in Florence - 870, in Milan - 1000, and in Genoa even of 1100. It is possible to claim that London - one of the driest cities in Europe. Even in other regions of England of draft drop out less than in Italy: on average across England 900 millimeters of rainfall against 950 on average across Italy. From where so perverse idea of the well-known city? The matter is that rainfall is distributed differently: in Italy almost exclusively in the fall and in the winter, and in England evenly during the whole year. Also rain duration differs: in England with the British restraint the rain drips often and gradually (on average, every other day), in Italy he behaves emotionally and violently - is rare, but streams. From here and general impression, though as we were convinced, on average in Italy of rainfall drops out more.

CHINA. Chinese have a yellow skin color.

the Typical Chinese is not more yellow than the typical Frenchman at all. At the first meetings of Europe with the Far East any speech about to yellow race it was not conducted. Di nostra qualita ( like us ) - so their Italian traveler Andrea Corsali who in 1515 visited China characterized. Several years later the privy councilor of the German emperor Transilvanus so describes Chinese, based on stories of the Portuguese seamen who visited China: These are the white people differing in very high level of a society organization... like us, Germans . For the first time the mention of yellow skin color appears in the 18th century when began to divide mankind into races. At the same time it was required intermediate race between white in the north and black in the south. Here - that also invented yellow race as which ranked Indians in the beginning, and then, so to speak, the official decree attributed also Chinese.

MUNICH. Munich - the beer capital of the world.

Most of all beer is cooked not in Munich, and in Dortmund (here cook 6 million gektolitrovpiv a year, and in Munich is half a million less). So as the capital of brewing it is necessary to consider Dortmund, but not Munich.

NEW is YORKSHIRE TERRIER. In New - York there is a Statue of Liberty.

the Well-known Statue of Liberty in a nu - the York harbor costs not on the earth New at all - York (neither the city, nor staff). The island of Freedom (Liberti Aylend, and earlier Bodlo Aylend) geographically belongs to the state New - Jersey. By the way, and the well-known sculpture officially has other name - Freedom lighting the world (at least, under such name the statue was presented to Americans by French in 1885).

POMPEYa. The city of Pompey was destroyed by the lava which streamed from a volcano crater Vesuvius.

Antique Pompey it was destroyed not by a lava, and the ashes and stones which are thrown out in environment at eruption of Vesuvius on August 24 the 79th year. The suffocating poisonous gases accompanying eruption became a cause of death of most of residents. If Pompey it was covered with a lava as the next Herculaneum, it would not remain in the previous form within 17 centuries. But exactly thanks to ashes which covered to Pompey with a layer from 7 to 8 meters thick, and then baked in a thick crust when after eruption rain expected to fall, the city remained in that look which opened to archeologists of modern times.

COUNTRY AND YOU. Do not ask that your country can give you, ask what you can make for it

Everywhere it is considered b that these catchwords were pronounced for the first time by John Fittsdzherald Kennedy. Meanwhile such expression of idea of the moral obligation of Americans to the country was characteristic also of the chairman of the U.S. Supreme Court Holmes, and of the predecessor Kennedy on a post of the president Harding. The moment Came to remember that the country gave to each of us and to wonder that we can make for the country (Holmes). It is time to ask less to our fellow citizens what can make the government and ask more a question that we made for the nation (Harding). As it often happens, more lapidary and biting form is remembered better. And happened to Kennedy`s words.

JAPAN. Japan - the champion in export. Already to the middle 80 - x years Japan conceded to

the first place in competition on the maximum export of Germany and the USA. Japan which many extol and others brand as the most vigorous exporter, takes the third place (in 1994 the USA took out goods and services for 513 billion dollars, Germany - on 422 billion, Japan - on 397 billion) . If to recalculate export per capita, then here Singapore comes out on top (more than 30 thousand dollars on one person, thus that in Germany - 5, in the USA - 3 thousand). On a share which is made by export from a gross national product of the country also Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Czech Republic and Russia are in the lead. In this regard Germany, Japan and the USA are also advanced by Thailand, Hungary, Chile, China and Greece.]