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How to achieve payment of the alimony?

the Problem of payment of the alimony in Russia is directly connected with other problem - avoidance of taxes. To mass media there is a massive advertizing: It is time to come out of the shadow. Time to pay taxes! but in real life time it still did not come. Pretty often situations when according to accounting documents of people receives 1000 rubles, and earnings in 400 dollars really have.

Other daddies think out any cunnings, only that got to their former family less. And chiefs - men usually meet requirements of them - and it is favorable to the enterprise and how by misfortune not to help the brother? Therefore while in our country do not legalize the income, unscrupulous fathers will continue to evade both from taxes, and from the alimony.

It is more malicious defaulters of the alimony among people with the low and average level of the income. In the courtroom you will seldom meet the woman giving on the alimony for the ex-husband - the banker, the president of the oil company or the famous actor. According to our information, over the past few years, in vessels there was only one business when as the defendant the man of means (but besides, informally acted very much!).

After divorce it spent nearly 5 thousand dollars for the former family: paid to the child study at elite school, all circles and trips, bought expensive clothes. But it seemed to the spouse it a little, and she decided to have legal proceedings. Then the husband brought the reference from accounts department on which he, a zamprezidenta of one of small banks, receives 1100 (!) rub a month. The woman, vvyazavshis in war, lost also those means which received from it to court.

Under the Family code of the Russian Federation the alimony pays depending on the number of children, but it is no more than a half of earnings of the man. It is the most widespread way of a vyplachivaniye of the alimony, but there are also others, not depending on the person paying alimony salary.

the Alimony - the apartment. If you are sure that you will be able independently to support the child, and from his father so will achieve nothing, can make the agreement that it gives the part of your general apartment to the child. But provided that it has other housing. Making such decision, properly think: let the part of the apartment in general also cost more alimony which will be paid (or will not pay) by the former spouse, but it not live money which can be necessary for you on clothes for the child, a musical circle or the permit in summer camp.

the Alimony in a firm sum of money which size defines court. It is possible if the parent does not work anywhere or it has irregular changing earnings. As soon as he brings in court the documents confirming that it constantly works at it - that the enterprise and receives so much, the alimony begins to collect from it depending on a salary.

Emergency measures

Most often the court contains the alimony from an average salary across the Russian Federation. But, if conscience at the parent sleeps and is not going to wake up, it is possible to resort to other ways of beating from it of funds for keeping of your general child.

to Arrest property. the List of the property which is not subject to arrest is made in the Soviet years and is valid still. - to the debtor will leave to the person paying alimony one cow, a goat, a sheep or a pig, 25 deer and a forage for cattle. From clothes - the coat, a suit, headdresses for every season and other things, is long being in the use. From furniture - on one bed and a chair on each person, one case and a chest on a family and all children`s accessories. All the rest that is in the apartment of the debtor, can be confiscated, sold, and to transfer money to the account of the alimony.

From pension. to Vzakonodatelstva and it is provided - if daddy all the labor life disappeared from the alimony, it can force to be paid them from pension in spite of the fact that the baby already himself will become a father. Only it is unlikely at least one judge will remember such case. Mother, be not humiliated, nothing is necessary to us from it! - usually the growing-up children, and especially speak, having become adult and independent, do not file a lawsuit against the aged parent.

Call the militiaman!

Persons paying alimony ran, run and will run. Declare search - and if the debtor is, to the alimony to it add on the sum spent by the state for its searches. And there is only a half of fugitives. In the provincial town, for example, the person can hide for decades. And there and the baby will grow up.

About ten years ago careless daddy could be sent for a year for a lattice, and now, at worst, it is threatened by several months of arrest or corrective works within a year. However, the rare woman wishes to bring the former spouse to trial. It needs money for keeping of the child. And unless in prison or sweeping streets, the daddy will pay them? No. Unless for moral satisfaction it is worth trying.

Why men do not pay the alimony?

1. Desire to revenge the ex-wife. In our country the initiator of divorce most often. If you consider that you will bring up the child herself, here and bring up. And from me you will not get paid peanuts! - leaving, the husband says. Clashing with the spouse, the man forgets about the most important - about wellbeing of the child, doing it by the revenge tool.

2. Undeveloped fatherly instincts. If you in every possible way preserved the husband against cares of the child: did not allow it to change diapers and diapers ( You will make everything not so! ), to lull the kid at night ( Sleep, you for work " tomorrow;), to drive in a Sunday circle ( Poor, you stuck all week ) be sure: such daddy will hardly begin to pay the alimony after divorce. You made him the dependent in a family. If before divorce it did not show fatherly instincts, then and after withdrawal from a family he will not show care of the child.

3. Out of a protest. When the woman forbids the father to meet after divorce the child, she makes a big mistake. It has a protest reaction: If I do not see the child, then and you will not receive the alimony from me!

4. Fight for a survival. in recent years social installations very strongly changed. In Soviet period most often the man earned more wife, and the bulk of citizens had the identical level of the income. Now, when the ex-wife receives much more the spouse, he does not consider necessary to pay her the alimony from the tiny pay. Besides, in fight for a survival notice only those who nearby. And nearby the new wife and children, and first of all it is necessary to support them. 5. Moral qualities of the man. This reason is covered behind all above-mentioned. The father who forgot that his child wants to eat, put on and study is selfish and infantile. If the man had a sense of responsibility, he would always find an opportunity to help the child.

Assert the rights and fight up to the end! Good luck!