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How diabetes develops?

At each person contain in blood sugar (more precisely glucose) - a power source for an organism. Normal sugar level in blood on an empty stomach fluctuates from 3,3 to 5,5 millimol on liter, in other units - 60 - 100 mg of %. After food it can raise to 7,8 mmol/l (140 mg of %). it is norm too. Continuous increase of sugar in blood above normal values - the illness called by diabetes.

From where sugar in blood undertakes? the Main source - food carbohydrates, another - the stocks which are stored in a liver.

In order that sugar became energy for cages, it has to pass into them from blood. How it occurs? Special cells of a pancreas (a beta - cages) emit hormone insulin. As peculiar key it opens organism cages, giving the chance to enter them to sugar from blood. If this difficult interrelation is broken, sugar does not come to cages and remains high in blood.

Mechanisms of developing of diabetes are very difficult. Distinguish its 2 main types. 1 - y the type is connected with genetic predisposition to this disease (that is the person with it was born though his relatives had no diabetes) and some external factor (for example, an infection). In other words, is not present keys and can replace them only the insulin entered from the outside. At 2 - m disease type the large role is played by heredity and presence of excess weight.

Usually 1 - go type get sick with diabetes aged till 30 years, 2 - go type - after 40. The body weight of patients of 1 type normal or is reduced, 2 - go than type - superfluous is more often. Diabetes 2 - go type is much more widespread and makes about 95%. Due to the wrong way of life (excess food, low physical activity) epidemic of diabetes 2 - go type is observed.

Unfortunately, very often diabetes begins absolutely imperceptibly, and the person learns that he is sick absolutely incidentally, having made blood test on sugar. What signs demonstrate considerable increase of sugar in blood? Dryness in a mouth, thirst, a frequent urination, weakness, weight reduction (at 2 - the m type of a disease can not be), the increased appetite, bad healing of wounds, an itch and dryness of skin.

The expressed lack of insulin of an organism can become the reason of a diabetic coma, a serious condition with loss of consciousness, life-threatening.

Each person who is suffering from extra kilos, the increased arterial pressure and especially having the relatives sick with diabetes needs to define periodically sugar in blood.

You remember: you do not treat diabetes folk remedies, various food additives, by means of extrasensory perception and other nonconventional methods at all. It is senseless and it is even dangerous!]