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DSQUARED2: how there was this world brand of clothes?

the Brand which blew up Fashion the Industry We create the world it what we see it and our world is extremely close and clear for our clients . Probably, the slogan of the creative DSquared2 duet so would sound if to them suggested to compose the motto about own company.

Brand history tells in the most eloquent way to

them About outlook of twin brothers Dean and Deng Keyteng the clothes which are issued under DSquared2 label 10 years. In the atmosphere of isolation from everyday life, the fashionable industry gradually loses the direct purpose: to dress the person.

Acquiring a rigid framework and restrictions, it turns the person into object of operation by means of which builds the world own, full of illusions which already almost does not have relations to the direct consumer - to the person. Task number one for forever young brothers, perhaps, they not up to the end also understand it, there is the maximum approach of their clothes to the real consumer: We do not create anything new, - Dean Keyten claims - we simply think out a certain history and an image of the man and woman in this history . Using the simplest materials (a denim, cotton, wool) and not less simple forms, designers create the scandalous, shouting, sexual and impudent clothes. Absurdly? Yes, but to these also take DSquared2.

Became defining casual style for fashion designers even at the very beginning of their career when creating the man`s collection consisting only of 30 objects in own kitchen, they, for fear of a failure of the project, sewed all models on themselves that though somehow will extinguish costs of material and work. However children nevertheless were noticed and not someone, and Madonna - the queen not only world pop music, but also, in some way, the legislator of world fashion. In 2001 they received the order of the singer for creation of suits for her clip on the song Do not tell me and it was also entrusted to them to prepare part of cowboy`s clothes for its world tour in 2002. In general this year became for fashion designers the beginning of the real success, they were accepted by world elite, and career still to nobody the known label of the beginning sharply grow. In 2002 to year on an awards ceremony of Breakthrough Style Award and on Vogue Fashion Awards Show hip - hop the star of Eve dressed DSquared2 clothes.

Keytena will never create what would not be dressed and especially what does not get a response in them, perhaps, it is the main criterion of so stunning success of brand. The freedom and freedom of DSquared2 style is that main thing what to form the basis of creation of each collection. At these fashion designers style loses the accurate definiteness and gets new, more many-sided stylistics, it also attracts many people. Bring unique style from DSquared2 out of, apparently, simple, simple receptions of Keytena. Initially fashion designers developed only a man`s fashion line as they and still consider that the market of men`s wear is much wider, than female. However everything in the same 2002 brothers arrange preview of a man`s collection of a season spring - summer 2003 and unexpectedly produce nine female models on a podium. The next day the popular Italian magazine Women`s Wear Daily (WWD) put designers on a cover and published big interview with them.

2003 in Milan already independent debut display of a female collection in which participated a top - models Naomi Campbell, Eve Herzigova, Carolina Kurkova and Fernanda Tavares was as follows. Girls went down on a podium on a ladder from the pink jet plane: this effective show brought to DSquared2 one more cover of WWD on which Carolina Kurkova in a short gold skirt with the overestimated waist and gently pink mohair cardigan flaunted. Provocation is one more of components of success of brand, but fashion designers draw a distinction between sensual and vulgar, between bad and good taste. A framework of a cultural taboo brothers consider themselves in the right to shift according to own views of the world. Sometimes they concern enough thin subjects - such as, for example, religion, but in these cases work very carefully. The esthetics is much more important for them, than morals and morality. Their purpose to inform the buyer so that that could make a choice according to the views: It is simpler to Buyers to buy clothes about which they know something, than that which for them is unclear - Dean Keyten speaks.

10 - twin brothers decided to celebrate the anniversary of the triumph in Moscow, and for one and to show a new collection fall - winter 2005/2006. This time designers ventured the most impudent, perhaps, for an esthetics question, a subject - a religion subject. But, having shifted attributes of religion in rather harmless form, received excellent result 10 - summer work in the world of fashion. Here and knitted sweaters with the inscription Jesus Loves Even Me Catholic crosses as cuff links, crosses on ties, belts and sandals. The collection is so interesting, how simple. They combine noble skin with the shabby training jacket, strict ties with the jeans lowered on hips. Freedom of thought and clothes as lifestyle - here what want to achieve designers in each of the collections. Aspiration to reach bigger freedom and simplicity in which more and more appeal sounds. DSquared2 is a new era in the industry of fashion when constraint stops operating the person, and the freedom gives many times over big attractiveness, than the most refined dress.]