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How to behave on a sink?

So, you arrived on a sink. What to do? How to behave? To what moments it is necessary to pay attention? It is enough to adhere to the basic principles and your car will always be qualitatively and is quickly washed.

What sinks happen?

Ya I know two types of sinks. These are brush sinks and sinks of a high pressure. On brush sinks the car is washed and dried by automatic equipment. On sinks of the second type the car is washed by PEOPLE, still such sinks in the people are called kerkher . What it is better? If you drive the car which belongs to office and to you to spit on its appearance, then choose a brush sink - cheaper and cheaper and the price is lower. If the car is expensive to you as to the GAI officer a staff, then you a direct road on a sink of a high pressure. We will also speak about this type of a sink below.

How much is to wash the car?

Price, of course very important piece, but not most important. Sink bodies in Moscow on average costs 70 - 80 rubles. If money which you pay it is less or more than this sum, then it is worth reflecting. Wai? As Georgians &hellip speak; or Americans, I do not remember.

And in general the cost of a washing depends on its care. If in salon all corners a Q-tip clean, there is no top limit of the price so it is desirable to agree in advance.

As washermen look?

Should not pay attention to their nationality. In - the first, we are with you not racists, and in - the second, at us on a sink, in general, Blacks work, and nothing, plow better, than Moscow born and bred in the fifth knee. The most important, it as looks the washerman. If this any worn-out creation in the dirty greased overalls, with a dirty physiognomy, and smells from it as from a rotten pollock which remained after a yesterday`s booze and still everything strives to get into salon with the vacuum cleaner, then leave in a huff and leave from there carelessly. Appearance of personnel - it is its (personnel) the attitude towards the client. And if the washerman pure and well-groomed, so this washerman appreciates you and respects.

As needs to do the order?

Attentively study the price list. All you need to do is is to learn several keywords: body, thresholds, rugs, salon, luggage carrier etc. Never tell something type: From above and inside . It as? To wash a roof and water to splash inside? Always there are excess questions. Accurately formulate the order. For example: body, rugs, thresholds or body, salon, luggage carrier . Remember: the sink works at wild speed, and washermen have no time to find out what is polik though any boy respecting himself from Orekhov - Borisova knows that polik are, pancake, rugs, yo - mine! Eventually, similar turns only lower your authority on their eyes.

As washermen wash with the car?

First of all pay attention to how washermen wash away dirt before beginning to wash the car. On their slang it is called to drench . And so, to begin to drench always it is necessary from above, gradually going down. Roof, glasses, cowl, doors, bumper, wheels. The sequence can be a little another, but remember, only from top to down. Otherwise if to begin with a roof, then to pass to wheels and to finish with a cowl, then after all this procedure on a body of your car there will be a sand which in the course of a sink will scratch the car. It is necessary to wash the car also only from top to down and in any way differently. Wheels ALWAYS wash in the last turn. Remember this sequence. If you see that your car is washed on the Brazilian " system; leave in a huff and leave from there without reflecting - the car is more expensive than those nervous cages which you will burn in disputes with these people.

whether needs to stick out constantly on a sink?

do not plague At all the washerman when he is busy with the business. Walk, smoke, read a newspaper - find to yourself some occupation. If the car - your fetish, then watch process at some distance. On many sinks there are rooms for clients, sit better there. Proverenno on own experience that presence of the client in a sink only worsens quality and increases operating time.

What is the time wash with the car?

I Will open for you a secret. On sinks there is a qualifying standard, had hit which, the pupil becomes a worker and begins to get paid. It has to wash and dry up a car body for 10 (!) minutes. For example, you order: body, rugs, thresholds. If two persons spend for it minutes 10 - 15, then it is normal. If it is more, then do not come back you to this sink. Less? Check quality. Everything is all right?

, How well washed the car?

If under the hatch of a gasoline tank remained potyok - it is a bad sink. In the middle of a cowl or a door not washed place is a bad sink. Check bumpers, a bottom of doors and wheels. If something is not washed - stick them with a nose, let correct. Be not boiled if rubber rugs are badly washed - it is not essentially. Desperate requests to wash them shampoo can lead to the fact that they will turn white.

whether needs to be given a tip? for

It is obligatory! The excess 10 - 15 rubles left last week - and you will receive with open arms and to indulge any your whims. Several times you will give a tip to them - and all! You regular customer . Believe, to receive it rank it is very important for you: sometimes you will be started out of turn, will make free of charge some small things, and in general, consider that your car in reliable hands.

Yes, also do not forget to smile is the most important!